50ml Empty Square Perfume Bottles

50ml Clear Empty Square Perfume Bottle

The empty square perfume bottles are made of high-quality thickened glass and have a capacity of 50ml. We have 4 colors to choose from transparent, blue, red and rose. Each empty glass perfume bottle comes with a gold square lid. Model Number: YF-PGB31 Capacity: 50ml Color: Clear, Blue, Red, Rose Material: Glass Shape: Square Size: … Read more

30ml 40ml Triangular Perfume Bottle

Triangular Perfume Bottles

The triangular perfume bottle uses a triangular lid with the same geometry as the glass bottle body, giving it a sharp-edged look. We have two capacities of 30ml and 40ml, the portable size is very delicate and easy to carry and store. Model Number: YF-PGB30 Capacity: 30ml, 40ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Triangle Size: … Read more

Best Empty Perfume Bottles Manufacturers – Yafu Glass

Empty Perfume Bottles Manufacturers

We manufacture and wholesale empty perfume bottles from 10ml to 100ml, our hot sale empty glass perfume bottles are available in cylindrical and oval shapes. Perfume bottles are a container for protecting perfume and an important carrier for displaying the brand image of perfume. Therefore, the design and manufacturing of perfume bottles is one of … Read more

Glass Perfume Bottles 50Ml

Pumpkin Shape Glass Perfume Bottles with Caps

The glass perfume bottles 50ml are ideal for short trips. Clear glass perfume bottles come in the shape of a pumpkin and are a popular storage container for perfume. The cap of the perfume bottle is like a diamond, beautiful and unique. Model Number: YF-PGB29 Capacity: 50ml Shape: Pumpkin Shape Size: 6.3*9.6cm Request A Quote … Read more

30ml 50ml 100ml Round Glass Perfume Bottles

Round Glass Perfume Bottles

The round glass perfume bottles feature vertical stripes. The transparent glass bottle allows you to see the usage amount for timely replenishment. We have 3 different capacities of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. They¬†feature high chemical resistance and transparency, making them ideal components for high-end perfumes. Model Number: YF-PGB28 Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml Shape: Round Size: … Read more

50ml 100ml Hexagon Perfume Bottle

Hexagon Perfume Bottles

The hexagon perfume bottle is made from high-quality glass. The nozzle fits the bottle mouth tightly and will not break and leak. The glass spray bottle comes with a black hexagonal dust cap and is perfect for perfumes, essential oils, facial mists, and other liquids. Model Number: YF-PGB27 Capacity: 50ml 100ml Color: Clear Shape: Hexagonal … Read more

30ml 50ml Apple Shaped Perfume Bottle

Apple Shaped Perfume Bottle

The apple shaped perfume bottle has a flat crescent shape and is available in 30ml and 50ml capacities. The perfume bottle is made of high-quality transparent glass. The transparent bottle body is matched with a gold + silver bottle cap, making the perfume bottle look exquisite. Model Number: YF-PGB26 Capacity: 30ml 50ml Color: Clear Shape: … Read more

Custom Perfume Glass Bottles Manufacturer in Creating Captivating Fragrance Vessels

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

A captivating bottle of perfume is not only attractive in terms of smell, but also unique in the design of its container. Behind every exquisite perfume lies the artistry and innovative spirit of the perfume glass bottle manufacturer. These master glass craftsmen bring designers’ ideas to life, creating unique custom perfume glass bottles. Yafu glass … Read more

Exploring the World of Clear Perfume Bottles Packaging

Clear Perfume Bottles

Clear perfume bottles have simple enough lines, and some look similar to old-fashioned transparent medicine bottles. This kind of packaging design seems to reflect the brand’s emphasis on the functionality of the perfume, rather than just the appearance of the perfume. Some clear perfume bottles have logos and other labels on them, which means that … Read more

Beautiful Arabian Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles

Arabian Perfume Bottles Wholesale

These classic vintage glass perfume bottles are made from high-quality glass and hand-painted colorful enamel. The retro design looks beautiful and elegant. The beautiful drip lid has a glass rod inside that won’t tarnish. They’re reusable and portable, perfect for perfumes, lotions, essential oils, and more. These vintage glass perfume bottles have an Arabian style. … Read more

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