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Spherical Glass Perfume Bottle

Pink Glass Perfume Bottle

The spherical glass perfume bottle is superbly crafted and comes with a bladder sprayer. The crystal glass bottle is shaped like a pineapple and can hold 100ml of perfume. The air bladder supports the glass perfume bottle, and it only takes a twist to make the spray head thinner and more diffuse. We have spherical … Read more

Car Diffuser Perfume Bottle

Car Diffuser Glass Bottle

The car diffuser perfume bottle consists of an 8ml colored glass body and a wooden cap. The car perfume bottle is small and portable, and the diamond-shaped bottle is more distinctive. The transparent car perfume glass bottle is further processed into the frosted glass bottle, and colored glass bottle. We offer 8ml diamond-shaped glass bottles … Read more

Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap

30ml Gradient Color Glass Perfume Bottles

The perfume bottle with spherical cap comes in a gradient glass bottle with a coloured spherical cap and has a capacity of 30ml. Empty glass bottles with fine spray are the best refillable containers for liquids like perfume, air freshener, flower water, etc. Perfume bottles with spherical caps are made of high-quality glass and are … Read more

Blue Glass Perfume Bottle

Blue Glass Perfume Bottle

The blue glass perfume bottle is a men’s glass perfume bottle with a stylish trapezoidal shape. The 50ml empty glass bottle with various styles of lids is perfect for storing perfume, cologne, aftershave, makeup remover, and more. Our empty perfume bottles are made of high-quality thick glass and are durable. The blue glass bottle comes … Read more

زجاجة عطر زجاجية

زجاجات العطور الفارغة بالجملة

نحن نقدم زجاجات العطور الزجاجية بأشكال وألوان وتشطيبات مختلفة. كل زجاجة عطر زجاجية فارغة لها مظهر شخصي. تتميز زجاجة العطر الزجاجية بخصائص الاستقرار الكيميائي غير السامة والرائحة والجيدة. تتميز زجاجة العطر الزجاجية الشفافة بأداء تخزين جيد ، ويمكن ملاحظة حالة المحتويات من الخارج. تتميز القوارير الزجاجية بخصائص مقاومة الحرارة ومقاومة الضغط وسهولة التنظيف والإغلاق السهل. … Read more

Unique Perfume Bottles

Unique Perfume Bottles

Unique Perfume Bottles are high quality high heel shoes shaped custom perfume bottles. The capacity is 30ml, adopts glass material. Model Number: YF-H01 Capacity: 30ml Color: Clear, Black, Red Shape: high heel Material: Glass Sealing Type: Pump Sprayer Request A Quote The elegant unique perfume bottle features a unique high-heeled shoe shape. The golden slender … Read more

15ml Perfume Bottle

15ml Perfume Bottle

There are 8ml perfume glass bottle and 15ml perfume bottle. It looks a lot like lipstick, and is convenient to carry when you go out. It is also a refillable perfume bottle, We have black, white, and pink. Previous Next Model Number: YF-XSP-060402 Capacity: 15ml,8ml Color: Black, Pink, White, or Custom Color Material: Glass Bottle +alumanium CAP Shape: Round Surface Handling: Screen … Read more

Beautiful Perfume Bottles

Beautiful Perfume Bottles

The Beautiful Perfume Bottles has the capacity of 60ml, and is available in pink, yellow, and black, the shape is a flower. Every high-quality perfume has a unique perfume bottle design. The perfume bottle adopts aluminum spray head, which sprays evenly and has good atomization performance of liquid spray. Spherical colored bottles with crystal flower-shaped … Read more

Clear Perfume Bottle

Oval Shape Clear Perfume Bottle

The clear perfume bottle has an oval shape. The capacity is 30ml. The material is glass + plastic cover. The seal is a pump sprayer type. The slender neck is elegant and charming, and it is surrounded by a golden scarf for a week, and the perfect curve is even more noble. Clear Perfume Bottle with … Read more

Black Perfume Bottle

Black Perfume Bottle

The black perfume bottle has a capacity of 30ml, is square in shape, and is sealed with a screw cap type. The surface is hot stamped. Black perfume bottle looks very personal and cool. Previous Next Model Number: YF-2020102305 Capacity: 30ml Color: Black Usage: Perfume Shape: Square Sealing Type: SCREW CAP Surface Handling: Hot Stamping Contact … Read more

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