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Empty Glass Beer Bottles

Yafu Glass is a premium empty glass beer bottles manufacturer. We wholesale 12 Oz clear beer bottles and amber glass bottles, 22 Oz swing top bottles and 16 Oz Glass Beer Bottles. You can also choose brown swing top bottles, and glass bottles with screw caps.

Amber empty glass beer bottles can better block short-wave light and ultraviolet rays, which can prevent the beer from spoiling and bring excellent taste and aroma.

Empty Glass Bottles with Lids Wholesale

Empty glass beer bottles with lids are an effective oxidation barrier to ensure freshness. We offer a variety of beer caps to match different glass bottle types. They include crown caps, screw caps, swing tops, flip tops and more. We also offer corks for some niche products.

Empty Glass Beer Bottles

We have our own glass beer bottle factory, which can produce durable and high-quality bottles, extending the shelf life of beer products. Due to its sturdy construction and high resistance to heat and pressure, glass bottles are best used as containers for beer.

Beer products are sensitive to light, so special types of bottles are required to prevent spoilage. Yafu Glass offers wholesale brown glass beer bottles for sale that can effectively protect your beer products from UV rays. We can also customize glass bottles to meet your specific requirements.

How to Custom Empty Glass Beer Bottles?

Beer bottles are produced with quartz sand. The specific operation method is as follows:

Empty Glass Beer Bottles Manufacturer
Glass Bottles Manufacturer

First, the design is finalized and the mold is manufactured. The glass raw material and other auxiliary materials are melted into a liquid state at high temperature, and various shapes are made under blowing.

It is then poured into a mold, cooled, cut, and tempered to form a glass bottle.

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