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Glass Spice Jars

Yafu Glass offers glass spice jars in different models and sizes. Clear glass jars are ideal for preserving spices. Glass spice jars are well-sealed and should be placed in a cabinet that is protected from light and the temperature is not too high. The glass bottle does not absorb the fragrance of spices, and is easy to clean.

Yafu Glass has glass spice jars in stock. The Spice Storage Containers Glass is made of high quality lead-free durable glass. Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and reusable.

Spices are kept in glass jars and are labeled with the name of the spice and the date of use. Sealed spices will keep for a long time at room temperature. Sealed powdered spices last about 3 years, while granular spices like pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon last about 5 years.

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Spice Containers Glass

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The glass jars are made of clear glass, allowing you to see the spices clearly, and each glass jar has enough opening width to make it easier to fill. Each lid is professionally designed for ease of use and safe storage.

Glass Jar With Lid and Spoon
200Ml Glass Bamboo Spice Jars

Glass jars for food storage has multipurpose. They can store spices and herbs, tea, sauces, sugar, seasonings, nuts, candies, snacks, and more.

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