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Yafu Glass offers glass vases in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Each glass vase is made of high-quality hand-blown glass. These glass vases will make a wonderful scene for all seasons and environments, whether you’re hosting a wedding, home improvement, or holiday party. Beautiful glass vases are a durable home decor choice. Unlike other home decor items, glass vases are a timeless piece that will last for years, making them the perfect addition to any home decor. Unique glass flower vases are versatile and can enhance the beauty of any space.

Glass Vases Advantages

  • Versatility: Glass floor decor vases are versatile. They can be used alone as decorations or as centerpieces for your dining table. They can also be used to hold various items such as seashells, holiday decorations, and more. They are durable and a great choice for a seasonal decor change. We can change the flowers or items in the vase to suit the season or festival.
  • Unique Design and Style: Glass vases for centerpieces come in a wide range of unique designs and styles. Some glass vases are simple and understated, while others are bold and colorful. A popular design trend for glass vases is the use of geometric shapes. Triangular, hexagonal and even diamond-shaped vases are gaining in popularity.
  • Affordable Home Decor: Glass vases are an affordable option for home decor. You can find vases at a variety of price points, so you can choose one that fits your budget. Glass round vase decor can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a space, making it feel more warm and inviting.

Glass Flower Vase Supplier​

Yafu Glass is the best glass vase supplier, we have a large stock of glass vase in stock. Glass vases come in all shapes and sizes, which adds to their versatility. You can find tall cylindrical vases that are perfect for long-stemmed flowers, or glass bud vases that are great for smaller flower arrangements.  Find unique vases that will make you stand out and find a new home for your fresh bouquets or special decorations to display.

  • Tall Colored Glass Vases: If flowers are to add a touch of freshness and happiness to life, then the utensils that carry them are a reinterpretation of the aesthetics of flowers and their owners. A color glass vase is a good thing that can instantly improve the appearance and happiness of your home, but first, you need to have a unique vase.
  • Geometric Glass Vase: Geometric glass vase made of high-quality hand-blown glass. Thick-walled glass is durable. Unique geometric shapes make perfect decorations to display flowers, buds and more in a stylish way.
  • Narrow Neck Glass Vase: Different shapes serve different functions. For example, a glass bud vase is usually a small, minimalist vase designed to hold a single flower. We also have many Narrow Neck Glass Vases and Wide Mouth Glass Vases, often used for larger top-heavy flower arrangements.
  • Hanging Glass Vase: The hanging glass vase can exist alone, or they can be combined as a system. A set of glass flower utensils can bring different shapes to the living space while maintaining the uniform matching of materials, colors and styles.
Round Bud Vase
Hanging Plants Glass

How to Choose the Glass Vase for Home

In order to make the right choice, you must consider which type of glass vase is suitable for the flowers you choose, and which glass vase is suitable for the interior design of your home.

You want Glass Flower Vases that compliment your floral designs. Many of our vases feature simple, modern designs that are perfect for home decor or delicate flower arrangements for special events like weddings and corporate gatherings. Our Wide Glass Cylinder Vases are the most popular vases styles for unique bouquets or hanging flower arrangements. Tall, narrow designs (narrow trumpet vases and narrow cylindrical vases) are able to support longer-stemmed flowers.

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