Glass Lip Gloss Tubes

Glass lip gloss tubes have capacity of 10ml, have transparent color, square shape, and is made of frosted glass, used for packaging lip balm. Glass containers look more high-end.

Glass Lip Balm Containers

Model Number: YF- LGB01

Capacity: 10ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Square

Material: Frosted Glass

Size: 7.4*2cm

The lip gloss tubes are made of glass, durable, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Good sealing, no unnecessary leakage occurs.

Lip Gloss Glass Tubes
Glass Lip Gloss Containers

The glass lip gloss bottles adopt stylish and simple designs, and transparent bodies for easy viewing of cosmetics. Practical, lightweight, and easy to carry, perfect for travel.

Glass Lip Gloss Tubes Manufacturer

Yafu Glass customizes various cosmetic bottles, mainly engaged in various glass bottle production, cosmetic glass bottle production and processing. Provides frosting, spraying, silk screen, high temperature, bronzing and other processing services.

Glass Lip Balm Containers
Small Nail Polish Bottles

Square glass bottles with different lids can be used to package different products, such as nail polish, perfume, lotion, lipstick, etc.

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