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Exploring the World of Clear Perfume Bottles Packaging

Clear Perfume Bottles

Clear perfume bottles have simple enough lines, and some look similar to old-fashioned transparent medicine bottles. This kind of packaging design seems to reflect the brand’s emphasis on the functionality of the perfume, rather than just the appearance of the perfume. Some clear perfume bottles have logos and other labels on them, which means that … Read more

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Transparent Perfume Bottles

The shapes of transparent perfume bottles are rich and diverse. In addition to squares, circles, hearts, crescents, cones, and inverted trapezoids, many clear glass bottle shapes are too bizarre to be described in words. Various patterns are often made when processing transparent glass bottles to increase the decorative effect of the bottle. The size specifications … Read more

Clear Glass Perfume Bottles

Clear Glass Perfume Bottles

We have the luxury empty clear glass perfume bottles in stock now with different capacities, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. We can also supply customers with these empty clear glass perfume bottles with different caps, silver, black, or golden as you like. Model Number: YF-PGB23 Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Size: 40*82mm, 44*104mm, … Read more

Clear Perfume Bottle

Oval Shape Clear Perfume Bottles

The clear perfume bottle has an oval shape. The capacity is 30ml. The material is glass + plastic cover. The seal is a pump sprayer type. The slender neck is elegant and charming, and it is surrounded by a golden scarf for a week, and the perfect curve is even more noble. Model Number: YF-PGB12 Capacity: 30ml … Read more

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