Double Wall Glass Cup

The double wall glass cup is the best coffee cup on the market. The double wall coffee cup is made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass. The doubel wall glass cup design is exquisite, durable, and elegant. Glass coffee mugs are double-walled, so the hot coffee in the mug will stay warm longer. Borosilicate glass has insulating properties, which means it retains heat for longer.

These double glass espresso cups are scratch resistant and more durable for everyday use. Safe to reheat in the microwave or freeze in the refrigerator. The double wall design keeps your coffee or tea warm while your hands are designed to relax.

Double Wall Glass Cup Wholesale

Double wall glasses come in many shapes and sizes, including espresso mugs, double wall coffee glasses, double wall wine glasses, and double wall beer glasses. You can easily find one that suits your needs.

Creative Double Wall Glass Mugs

We offer creative double glasses in different shapes. The creative double layer borosilicate glass is perfect for insulating drinking glasses. Borosilicate glass  has super chemical stability: acid and alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance. Creative Double Wall Glass Tea Mugs are perfect for Americano, cappuccino, latte, milk, espresso, macchiato, champagne, beer and other beverages. They are perfect for restaurants, cafes, workplaces or homes.

Flower Shape Double Wall Glass Mug
Glass Double Walled Champagne Cup
Double Glass Dice Cup

When an ordinary glass suddenly encounters boiling water, it cannot withstand sudden and severe temperature changes, and it will burst. However, the double-layer glass is different. It is fired through a high-temperature process and can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of -20° to 150°. It has a strong adaptability to temperature differences and is not prone to breakage.

Double Wall Glass Cup with Handle

The double wall glass cup with handle features a comfortable, wide opening and thick handle for easy grip. These double glass cups have a smooth and crystal-clean appearance without any roughness or unusual spots, and are suitable for brewing coffee and tea. Thanks to the vacuum between the non-conductive double-walled borosilicate glass, the inner coffee is hot, while the outer walls will stay cool and safe to touch with your hands. Hot drinks won’t burn your hands, and cold drinks won’t get frosty.

Creative Double Wall Glass Milk Cup
Colorful Double Glass Cup with Handle
Double Wall Cappuccino Cups

Double Wall Glass Mugs with Lids Supplier

Yafu Glass has double wall glass coffee mugs with lids in stock, and also provides OEM and ODM services. These double wall glass cups are double-glazed and impressive. These stylish and sophisticated double glass coffee mugs insulate your beverages, keeping your hands and fingers safe while enjoying your coffee or tea. We offer double glass cups with wooden lids and glass lids. Double insulated glass cups with lids have a great feel, are durable enough for everyday use, and are easy to clean. 

Double Wall Glass Mugs With Lids
Double Wall Glass Cup With Lid

Benefits of Double Glass Cups

  • Maintain Temperature: The double wall glass cup keeps your drink at the ideal temperature for longer. The double-wall design creates a layer of insulation that helps maintain the temperature of your beverage, whether it’s hot or cold.
  • Good Performance: In addition to being insulated, double-walled glasses are also non-reactive, which means they won’t affect the flavor of your drink the way plastic or metal cups do. This is especially important for beverages such as coffee or tea, as the container in which the beverage is held changes its flavour.
  • Durable: The double wall glass cup is also extremely durable. Unlike traditional tumblers that can easily shatter or shatter, double wall tumblers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

How to Clean Double Glass Cups

Practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly are the advantages of using double-layer glass. The surface of the double-layer glass is smooth and comfortable, with high transparency, good abrasion resistance, acid corrosion resistance, and no residual odor. It is very easy to clean, that is, it is beautiful, and it is lead-free, non-toxic, safe, healthy and easy to use.

Use a soft cloth and warm water when washing the double-layer glass, and do a good job of cleaning before and after use to keep the double wall glass cup clean and tidy. When dirt remains in the glass, it should be soaked in warm water for a period of time. Minimize the use of hard objects to scratch the glass body to avoid leaving scratches. 

Of course, double wall glass cups can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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