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Perfume Bottles

We offer glass perfume bottles in different styles, colors and finishes. Each empty glass perfume bottle has a personalized look.

As a new trend in cosmetic glass packaging, the use of color perfume glass bottles is increasing. Advanced technology enables special finishes, surfaces and shadings, giving each package a personalized look. The pursuit of perfume bottle packaging reflects its nobility and personalization.

With the gradual increase in people’s awareness of beauty, a variety of perfume bottles have gradually begun to emerge. Nowadays, when most people buy products, they will choose products with a beautiful appearance. Therefore, the appearance of the product is very important if the product is to be sold well. So many perfumes manufacturers use glass bottles for perfume.

Perfume Bottles
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Features of Perfume Glass Packaging Containers

  1. Non-toxic, tasteless, good chemical stability;
  2. It has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and easy cleaning;
  3. Easy to seal, good air tightness;
  4. Good storage performance, the condition of the contents can be observed from the outside;
  5. The surface is smooth and clean, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization;
  6. Has a high degree of transparency and corrosion resistance;
  7. Beautiful shape and colorful decoration;
  8. It has a certain mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure in the bottle and the external force during transportation;
  9. The raw materials are widely distributed, inexpensive, and can be used multiple times.

Car Perfume Glass Bottle

Car Hanging Perfume Bottle
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The car fragrance market is growing rapidly as cars enter thousands of homes. The glass bottle packaging market for automotive fragrances has also been growing rapidly over the past few years.

How to Choose Car Perfume Glass Bottle

When choosing car perfume, not only should check the quality of car perfume, but also pay attention to the glass bottle of car perfume. Because car perfume glass bottles are used in cars. The interior of a car is a stuffy environment, especially in summer, when the temperature of the car in the sun may reach dozens of degrees.

Second, few people notice that regular fragrances have a shelf life. Fragrances don’t last as long as wine. There is a certain quality guarantee period. Therefore, the capacity of perfume glass bottles is usually small. Consumers must combine their needs when choosing a fragrance. It is very necessary to choose a perfume glass bottle of suitable capacity, which is also a consideration to ensure the quality of perfume.

Why Use Glass Bottles for Perfume Bottles?

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Compared with plastic bottles, glass perfume spray bottles have a higher degree of stability and are not easy to react with other substances; while plastics have relatively low stability and will corrode due to long-term contact with acid and alkaline substances.

The texture of the perfume glass bottle looks better. Whether it is frosted glass perfume bottle or ordinary glass, it gives people a high-end atmosphere, and the glass bottle is heavier in the hand.

Perfume contains a certain amount of alcohol more or less. Alcohol is a volatile substance. Therefore, when choosing perfume packaging, you need to choose a glass bottle with good airtightness.

In daily use, glass bottles will not be deformed due to squeezing and collision, while plastic bottles cannot withstand squeezing, and the perfume will be lost after the squeezing deformation ruptures.

In general, perfume glass bottles are slightly better than plastic bottles in appearance and use. Glass bottles can better meet the conditions required for perfume preservation, so most perfumes will choose to use glass bottles for packaging.

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Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a professional glass perfume bottle manufacturer, we supply wholesale perfume bottles and covers in various sizes. We enjoy a good reputation all over the world for its excellent quality, favorable price and professional service.

Yafu Glass can provide different kinds of glass bottles according to customers’ needs, such as white crystalline material, high white material, flat bottom material and colored material products. We can also provide frosting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, hot silver, electroplating, spraying and other post-processing. 

Our glass factory has strong technical force, advanced process equipment, complete testing system and rich production experience. Our glass bottles have a minimum order quantity. We can provide a small number of free samples for your reference.

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