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Glass Storage Jars

Yafu Glass offers a wide variety of glass storage jars. The main purpose of glass jars is to store food. Pickled kimchi, pickled cucumbers, oil-stained tomatoes, soaked plum wine, and making various sauces, the airtightness of the glass jar can keep the flavor of the food intact.

Clear glass storage jars make our lives more colorful. The sealed glass jars can be easily stacked, which can make better use of space and save storage.

We can make cans, jams, pickles, lemon tea, etc., glass bottles make the food taste fast and shorten the pickling time. The vacuum keeps fresh for a long time, isolates bacteria, and the color and taste of food remain unchanged for a long time.

Glass Container Supplier​

Yafu Glass is the best glass container supplier, we have a large stock of glass storage jars with lids. They can be used to store cereals, spices, pickles, fruits, milk, and other food and beverages. 

Store moisture-prone nuts, crackers, seasonings, and other foods in glass jars. Airtight glass jars can be more thoroughly moisture-proof, sterile, more reassuring, and have a longer-lasting flavor.

Glass Jar For Pickle
Food Glass Jars

The glass bottle can isolate moisture, and the color of food will remain unchanged for long-term storage. Vacuum sealing can also prolong the fresh-keeping period, and the food is not easy to mold and deteriorate.

Round Glass Canisters

Round Glass Storage Jars
Round Glass Storage Jars

Round glass canisters have an elegant and sophisticated design appearance, round glass storage jars with airtight lids are ideal for storing food such as cereals, cookies, coffee, oatmeal, sugar, flour and more.

Inside the sealed glass storage jars is a vacuum environment, which prevents the growth of bacteria. The vacuum preservation tank isolates more than 90% of bacteria than ordinary airtight tanks, and is more clean and hygienic.

Glass Jar With Cork Lid

Clear glass jars with cork lids for safe food storage. The round glass jar with cork Lid is tightly sealed to keep food fresh and safe. Glass jar with cork ball lid can be used to hold delicious treats like puddings, candy, dried fruit and more.

The transparent can body is not only beautiful, but also convenient for us to take the food in the can. It is also easy to clean when not in use.

Square Glass Jars​

Large Square Glass Containers

Square glass jars of different sizes can be stacked to save space, or arranged in the kitchen. Each storage jar comes with a lid-sealed design to ensure freshness in dry environments and extended food storage time.

After vacuuming, the sealed glass storage jars will not leak, and the lid will not fall off when it is inverted. The multiple glass jars can be easily stacked to save space.

Glass Jar With Lid And Spoon

Glass Jars With Lid for Storage
Square Glass Storage Jars With Lids

Glass jars with lids and spoons for easy access to food. Clear glass containers with bamboo lids and wooden spoons add sparkle to the kitchen. Ensuring food freshness and extending food storage time by sealing.

Glass Storage Jars Applications​

Put the whole grains, spices, and coffee beans into the glass jar. The neatly arranged jars not only keep the cabinets clean and orderly, but the transparent bottle body makes it easier to find the ingredients you want.

Glass Container
Glass Jars

Glass storage bottles are easy to clean and leave no taste residue, making them a perfect match for a variety of beverages, especially iced drinks.

With glass jars of salad, you can see a wide variety of colorful ingredients at a glance, which is especially pleasing to the eye.

Cut carrots, cucumbers, and celery into desired sizes, put them in a jar, and use them directly next time you cook. Ingredients such as coriander and mint can also be “planted” in jars with water.

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