Beautiful Arabian Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles

These classic vintage glass perfume bottles are made from high-quality glass and hand-painted colorful enamel. The retro design looks beautiful and elegant. The beautiful drip lid has a glass rod inside that won’t tarnish. They’re reusable and portable, perfect for perfumes, lotions, essential oils, and more.

These vintage glass perfume bottles have an Arabian style. With intricate designs, precious metals and jewelry used for decoration, these glass perfume bottles are a testament to the skill and creativity of their makers. In addition to their aesthetic value, Arabian perfume bottles also have important collectible value.

Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass perfume bottles manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass perfume bottles in different shapes and sizes.

Arabian Glass Perfume Bottles

Our Arabian Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles are made from high quality materials and decorated with intricate designs and patterns. These vintage perfume bottles are often hand-blown and encrusted with gemstones, and are highly sought after by collectors.

Glass is the most popular material for perfume bottles. It’s elegant, timeless, and offers a classic look. Glass bottles also protect the perfume from sunlight and heat, which can change its scent. However, glass bottles are fragile and may break if dropped. Metal decoration can protect the glass perfume bottle well.

Custom Perfume Bottles

The design of the perfume bottle will affect its appearance and function. We have round, square, flat and other styles of glass perfume bottles. The color of your perfume bottle also affects its appearance and appeal. We have clear, frosted, and colored glass bottles to choose from.

We accept OEM and ODM, custom technology and logo, spray coating any color, hot stamping, silk-screen printing, frosted, plating, and stick label brand logo on the bottle, according to the client’s requirement. We have developed the perfect perfume caps that fit snugly into each glass perfume bottle. These cosmetic bottle accessories make the whole package look more clean and high-end.

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