Glass Honey Jars

Yafu Glass offers wholesale empty glass honey jars with lids and glass honey dispensers in different sizes and shapes. Honey is suitable for storage in wide-mouthed glass bottles and stored in a cool place. Glass honey jars are not only functional, but also visually stunning. The golden color of the honey contrasts with the transparency of the glass. Glass honey jars come in many shapes and sizes, round, square, or unique hexagonal jars, there is a glass honey jar to suit your needs.

The honey jar is made of high quality glass, non-toxic and safe to use. The glass honey jar with spoon is designed to be very elegant and functional. The lid and spoon design is cleaner to use and prevents honey from dripping. It is more convenient to make sweet tea and coffee with honey.

Wholesale Glass Honey Jars

Honey is an acidic viscous liquid. To prevent contamination of honey, honey needs to be sealed in glass or plastic food containers. The service life of glass honey jars is longer than plastic bottles. So, most honey is kept in glass jars. Buying glass honey jars in bulk is more affordable than buying individual jars. Glass jars are reusable and recyclable, a sustainable option for honey packaging.

Glass honey jar wholesale can be customized, and the packaging can be customized according to brand needs. Glass jars come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s possible to add a personalized label or design to the jar to make it stand out on the shelf. In addition, glass bottles can be decorated with ribbons, twine and other materials to attract customers’ attention.

Advantages of Glass Honey Containers

  • Glass honey jars are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.
  • Glass is a 100% recyclable material, which means it can be reused infinitely.
  • Glass jars do not release harmful chemicals into the environment.
  • Honey glass jars are easy to clean and reusable for storing a variety of foods, which further reduces waste.
  • Glass jars are non-reactive, which means they won’t interact with honey and change its taste or quality.
  • The glass jar won’t absorb odors or flavors, ensuring your honey stays pure. 
Hexagon Shape Honey Containers
Glass Honey Pots With Dipper

Empty Glass Honey Jar Applications

Glass honey jars are not just for storing honey, they have many uses.

  • Glass Candle Jar: Fill the jar with beeswax and wicks for a natural, eco-friendly candle.
  • Food storage jars: Use small jars to store herbs, chiles, peppers, and more.
  • Cosmetic Jars: Use jars to store homemade beauty products like face creams or body scrubs.

Glass Honey Jars and Dispensers Supplier

Yafu glass honey jars are high quality and durable, we offer lids to ensure honey stays fresh and protected. The glass jar with lid has good sealing properties, which can prevent the invasion of honey from outside gases, prevent honey from deteriorating, and prolong its shelf life of honey. To a certain extent, empty glass honey jar with lid can prevent the volatile components of honey from escaping into the atmosphere.

Glass bottles do not have a certain expiration date like plastic bottles. As long as it is stored well, it can be used many times. In this way, the utilization rate of honey packaging glass bottles can be increased, thereby reducing the cost of honey packaging.

Glass Honey Container
Glass Honey Dipper

Glass honey dispensers and jars have good corrosion resistance and acid resistance. Packaging honey in glass bottles will not produce adverse and harmful substances, and it is much more hygienic than ordinary packaging boxes.

Yafu Glass reminds everyone that raw honey should not be filled too much. Generally, it is appropriate to fill it to about four-fifths. If the temperature of raw honey is too high during storage, it will accelerate fermentation and expand.

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