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Yafu Glass offer Glass Bottles for Health Medicine, including Medicine Dropper bottles, Glass Pill bottles, and Empty Glass Bottles For Homeopathic Medicine. The impermeability of glass makes it an option for storing liquids. Additionally, it retains its shape despite exposure to heat or cold, ensuring that the contents of the bottle are not damaged. The glass bottles and jars ensure that the taste of the syrup will not change during its expiry date.

Health Medicine Glass Bottles Features

  1. They have good chemical stability.
  2. Easy to seal, airtight, transparent, and the contents can be viewed from the outside.
  3. Good storage performance.
  4. The surface is smooth and clean, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization.
  5. Beautiful shapes and colorful decorations.
  6. It has certain mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation.
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Why do Medicines choose Glass Bottles?

Glass is inert, meaning it does not react with the substances inside or release substances into the product in the container, which is why glass containers can be used for medicines without any health risk. Judging by these criteria, glass is the perfect packaging material.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for vials and ampoules in the pharmaceutical sector. The pharmaceutical industry primarily uses glass jars to store medicines, and syrups are widely stored in medicine glass bottles because they are inherently non-reactive.

Glass Dropper Bottles​

The glass dropper bottle is a bottle cap dropper, which includes a cap, dropper, and a squeeze tip, which is connected to the dropper. Glass Containers have commonly used packaging containers that directly contact medicines. According to the classification of shading, medical glass containers are divided into a colorless glass and colored glass. Tinted glass has light-blocking properties, such as brown glass bottles.

Glass Medicine Bottles Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a glass bottles manufacturer, We can customize glass bottles with different shapes and color, and provide corresponding caps. These medicine glass bottles can be used to store essential oils, perfumes, medicines, herbs and other liquid or pharmaceutical products.

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Dark glass bottle has good chemical stability and is not affected by the atmosphere. At the same time, it is not decomposed by solid or liquid substances of chemical composition. By changing the chemical composition of the glass, the chemical properties and radiation resistance properties of the glass can be adjusted. 

Moreover, glass is transparent, beautiful, inexpensive, recyclable, etc., without causing environmental problems.

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