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Empty Perfume Glass Bottles

Empty Glass Bottles for Perfume

The empty perfume glass bottles are available in 30ml and 50ml capacities. This glass perfume bottle is shaped like a pineapple and has a bumpy design that is non-slip and comfortable. This glass perfume bottle has a flat surface, perfect for custom logos. The empty perfume glass bottles adopt a thickened bottle body with a … Read more

Mini Refillable Perfume Bottles

Mini Empty Perfume Bottles

The volume of mini refillable perfume bottles is 5ml, which is small and exquisite, and easy to carry. The lightweight and durable mini perfume bottle fits perfectly in a handbag or pocket, and is perfect for most occasions like dating, parties, traveling, etc. The mini refillable perfume bottle features a durable glass interior and a … Read more

Gold Roller Bottles

Gold Roller Bottles

The gold roller bottles are made of high-quality glass, and the glass roller bottles for essential oils capacity includes 3ml, 6ml, and 12ml. The essential oil roller ball fits well with the glass bottle, which can effectively prevent liquid leakage. This essential oil glass bottle and lid are laser coated, and the gold-plated octagonal glass … Read more

Diffuser Glass Jars

Glass Jar Diffusers

The diffuser glass jars have removable stoppers, and the lids are both decorative and leak-proof. We offer clear empty glass jars with lids in 50-500ml capacities. The round diffuser bottle is made of glass material, perfect for filling essential oils or aromatherapy, etc. It is durable, strong, and reusable. The glass bottle with gold ring … Read more

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles

The coloured glass diffuser bottles are made of a strong and durable glass material that complements a variety of home decor. Pour aromatic essential oils into a colored glass bottle and insert a reed to make a reed diffuser. The glass reed diffuser will fill your house with a fresh and natural aroma and improve … Read more

Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottle

Glass Lotion Pump Bottles

The glass lotion dispenser bottle is made of embossed durable glass. The glass bottle comes with a metal pump tip, which is easy to squeeze and durable enough to be reused forever. This is a refillable kitchen and bathroom glass pump dispenser for all liquid soaps, lotions, hand soaps, dish soaps, bubble baths, and DIY … Read more

Spherical Glass Perfume Bottle

Pink Glass Perfume Bottle

The spherical glass perfume bottle is superbly crafted and comes with a bladder sprayer. The crystal glass bottle is shaped like a pineapple and can hold 100ml of perfume. The air bladder supports the glass perfume bottle, and it only takes a twist to make the spray head thinner and more diffuse. We have spherical … Read more

Square Cream Jar

Glass Cream Jars Cosmetics

The square cream jar is made of durable thick glass that is textured, corrosion resistant, durable and beautiful to use. Non-toxic and tasteless. Glass containers are easy to clean and recycle. The square glass jars can be used to store face creams, eye shadows, compact powders, blushers, eye creams, lip balms, lotions, moisturizers, essential oil … Read more

Gemstone Roller Bottles

Gemstone Roller Bottles Wholesale

Gemstone roller bottles consist of gemstone roller tops, clear glass bottles with crystal power stones and lids. These 10ml glass roller bottles can be taken anywhere, and are perfect for using essential oils, perfume oils, restoratives, DIY sample mixes, serums, aromatherapy, and other liquids. Each clear glass bottle is filled with gemstone chips, so as … Read more

Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Glass roller ball bottles are made of corrosion-resistant thick glass, smooth and impact-resistant, protecting essential oils from UV rays and breakdown. Empty glass roller bottles can be used for essential oils, perfumes, deodorants, aromatherapy cosmetics, sunscreens, moisturizers and more. The roll-on essential oil glass bottles are available in 30ml/1oz, 50ml/1.7oz capacities, and appropriate capacity can … Read more

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