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Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles

Arabian Perfume Bottles Wholesale

These classic vintage glass perfume bottles are made from high-quality glass and hand-painted colorful enamel. The retro design looks beautiful and elegant. The beautiful drip lid has a glass rod inside that won’t tarnish. They’re reusable and portable, perfect for perfumes, lotions, essential oils, and more. These vintage glass perfume bottles have an Arabian style. … Read more

Transparent Perfume Bottles

Transparent Perfume Bottles

The shapes of transparent perfume bottles are rich and diverse. In addition to squares, circles, hearts, crescents, cones, and inverted trapezoids, there are also many shapes that are too bizarre to be described in words. Various patterns are often made when processing transparent glass bottles to increase the decorative effect of the bottle. The size … Read more

30ml Flat Glass Perfume Bottle

Flat Clear Glass Perfume Bottle

The flat glass perfume bottle adopts a hexagonal design and the transparent bottle body is simple and stylish. The anodized aluminum sprayer is equipped with a snap-on cover, which is reusable and beautiful. Model Number: YF-PGB24 Capacity: 30ml Material: Glass Shape: Hexagon Size: 3*10.7cm Request A Quote The empty glass spray perfume bottle has a … Read more

Best Essential Oil Containers

Amber Roller Bottles

Essential oils have long been used to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall health. Choosing the right essential oil containers is crucial to getting the best results. Glass bottles are an excellent choice for their durability, beauty, and ability to retain the potency of essential oils. Brown glass bottles are often used to store … Read more

Colored Glass Dropper Bottles

Colored Glass Dropper Bottles

The colored glass dropper bottles offer excellent shelf appeal and functional precision, making them ideal for the cosmetic, medical and aromatherapy industries. The essential oils in glass bottles have different effects. For some diseases, it also has the effect of soothing and reducing symptoms. Essential oils, as essence extracts, were once rated as “liquid gold” … Read more

Rectangular Perfume Bottles

Rectangular Perfume Bottles

The rectangular perfume bottles have the neat body and strong lines. The simple temperament makes the perfume packaging look high-end and is favored by men. The rectangular shape is often associated with strength, power, and authority. Perfumes in rectangular glass bottles are often bold and assertive, designed for individuals who exude confidence and charisma. In … Read more

Gradient Green Diffuser Bottles

Gradient Green Diffuser Bottle

The gradient green diffuser bottles can make the glass essential oil bottle stand out in color matching, have a strong visual effect and create a focus. Gradient color black and green diffuser bottles can attract users’ visual focus, render atmosphere, enhance beauty, convey emotions, etc. Model Number: YF-DB07 Capacity: 150ml 200ml Color: Green Black Material: … Read more

Best Glass Containers For Cosmetics

Best Glass Containers For Cosmetics

General cosmetics are mostly liquid, emulsion, or paste, and do not have a distinctive appearance. It must express its own characteristics through exquisite and unique glass containers for cosmetics. We have empty cosmetic glass bottles and jars in a variety of styles and colors, which are transparent, pure, noble and elegant. Yafu Glass provides glass … Read more

Why Prefer Best Glass Bottle Cosmetic Packaging

Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Glass bottle cosmetic packaging can maintain and improve the basic function of protecting the contents, maximize customer attraction and brand expression, and maximize the taste and value of cosmetics. Glass bottles can be recycled and reused, and they do not pollute the environment. This is an important reason why high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottles. Cosmetic … Read more

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