Embossed Glass Jars with Lids

Embossed Glass Jars Wholesale

The embossed glass jars are decorated with exquisite sunflower embossed patterns, exuding elegance and charm. We have four different capacities of embossed glass jars, 120ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml. Each jar is made from high-quality, durable food glass. They are perfect for storing spices, yogurt, honey, jam, coffee beans, creams, candles, and more. Model Number: YF-GJ29 … Read more

Glass Jars with Wooden Screw Lids

Glass Jars with Wooden Screw Lids

We offer wholesale glass jars with wooden screw lids from 100ml to 800ml. These borosilicate glass food storage jars feature threaded mouths and acacia wood screw caps for added air tightness. These airtight glass jars with screw lids can hold cookies, spices, coffee, sugar, salt, candies, beans, dry foods and more. Model Number: YF-GJ28 Capacity: 100ml, … Read more

Glass Jars with Wooden Lids and Spoons 400ml 550ml 850ml

Glass Jars with Wooden Lids and Spoons

The clear glass jars with wooden lids and spoons are suitable for storing various condiments. We offer wholesale 400ml, 550ml, and 850ml glass jars with wooden lids and spoons. They are great helpers for chefs and make cooking easy and convenient. Model Number: YF-GJ27 Capacity: 400ml, 550ml, 850ml Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Clear Shape: Round … Read more

250ml 500ml 750ml Square Canning Jars

Square Glass Canning Jars

The square canning jars are made of high-quality thickened glass, and come with gold or silver metal lids. Empty square glass mason jars are suitable for storing honey, canned food, spices, and dried fruits. Model Number: YF-GJ26 Capacity: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml Material: Glass Color: Clear Shape: Square Size: D8*8.3cm, D8.8*11cm, D10*13.3cm Request A Quote We … Read more

2L Large Glass Jars With Wooden Lids

Large Glass Jars With Wooden Lids

The large glass jars with wooden lids are made of high borosilicate glass, which resists thermal shock and can withstand high temperatures. Round clear glass jars with elegant acacia wood lids provide an airtight seal. They are perfect for storing various items such as spices, coffee beans, pasta, cookies and more. Model Number: YF-GJ25 Capacity: … Read more

500ml Decorative Glass Jars for Kitchen

Decorative Glass Jar for Kitchen

The decorative glass jars for kitchen feature a yurt design. Classic round designs and faceted cuts make decorative candy jars with lids sparkle. These gorgeous decorative candle jars with lids capture and reflect light for stunning effects. Model Number: YF-GJ24 Material: Glass Color: Clear, Color, Brown Shape: Round Lid: Glass Size: D10.3*12.5cm, D14.5*15.3cm Request A … Read more

300ml – 1L Best Airtight Glass Containers

Best Airtight Glass Food Containers with Lids

The best airtight glass containers include an airtight lid to keep dry foods fresh.¬†Their surface is relatively smooth, and rubber pads are used to ensure the sealing of food, effectively keeping it fresh and dry. This makes glass jars ideal food storage containers, especially for dry goods, jams and canned goods that need to be … Read more

15ml -110ml Small Glass Tube Bottles

Glass Tube Bottles Bulk

Glass tube bottles with screw tops are available in different capacities from 15ml to 110ml. They are widely used in the food and cosmetics industries. Each glass tube bottle comes with a bamboo lid, which helps to keep the content from leaking. They are versatile and suitable for filling with flower seeds, almonds, flowers, spices, … Read more

340ml 550ml 700ml Glass Jars With Acacia Lids

Creative Glass Storage Jars

The glass jars with acacia lids are made of food-grade borosilicate glass, lead-free and non-toxic. The lid is made of natural acacia wood, giving it a modern and natural look. The Acacia lid is designed with a silicone ring that creates an airtight moisture-proof seal, keeping the contents of the jar fresher longer. Model Number: … Read more

500ml 750ml 1.1L Borosilicate Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

Borosilicate Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

These borosilicate glass jars with bamboo lids come in 3 sizes with capacities of 500ml, 750ml, and 1100ml. Glass storage jars of different sizes can meet different storage needs, bringing convenience to kitchen storage and saving space. The rounded bottom arc design of the glass jar makes the storage bottle more tasteful. Model Number: YF-GSJ18 … Read more

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