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Yafu Glass is a wine decanters supplier, we offer wholesale glass decanters in various shapes. The shape of decanter is generally a long neck and a big belly, which can allow the wine to contact the air, fully volatilize the aroma of the wine, and separate the sediment in the wine. There is an endless stream of new styles of glass decanter containers. The elegant open decanter lets your wine breathe, unlocking its full aroma and flavor potential. The wine decanter features a sloped top design that makes pouring a breeze and avoids spills and drips.

Yafu Glass Wine Decanters Features​

  • Yafu decanters are made from the highest quality lead-free glass, which is 100% recyclable.
  • Each wine decanter is well made and has a unique shape designed to maximize the aeration rate of the wine.
  • With its generous base and sloping edges, the Personalized Decanter is as beautiful as it is functional.
  • The decanter size is perfect for personal use and easy to clean and dry.

Yafu Glass Wine Decanters Supplier

Yafu Glass is a professional wine decanters supplier, we strictly control the quality of raw materials and carefully select them. Our wine decanters are made of high-quality lead-free crystal glass, which is safe and healthy. Each wine glass decanter set is unique and hand-blown by artisans with decades of experience. The hand-blown decanter is polished to a work of art.

Glass Decanter Making Process

Hand-blowing is an ancient craft, which requires skilled craftsmen and a high aesthetic vision. The blown glass decanters have transparent colors, diverse shapes, and strong plasticity, and look high-end and beautiful. Glass-blown wine decanters have various shapes, including swan decanters, classic decanters, and harp decanters.

Use a steel pipe of suitable thickness to pick the liquid glass to one end of the steel pipe. The craftsman blows with his mouth, blowing the glass liquid on the steel pipe into bubbles. Then dip in glass liquid again and continue to blow, and finally enter the mold to form.

Air bubbles produced in handmade glass, which are normal and present on all hand-blown glassware, are also an important feature to distinguish handmade glass from machine-made glass with the naked eye.

Wine Decanters Supplier
Crystal Decanters for Sale

How to Choose the Right Decanter?

In general, the richer and fuller the red wine, the more a decanter with a wide base is needed.

  • Rich red wine: It is recommended to use a decanter with a wide base, and the decanting time is about 60min or more;
  • Medium-bodied red wine: use a medium-sized decanter, the decanting time is about 30-60min;
  • Light red wine: A small and medium-sized decanter suitable for refrigeration, the decanting time is about 20 minutes.

How to use Wine Decanter?​

For those who like to drink red wine, it is a good idea to have several suitable and beautiful wine decanters. The wine decanter can increase the oxygen in the red wine, which can fully improve the taste of the red wine.

Pour the wine into the decanter, it touches the sides of the glass, which exposes more of the wine surface to the oxygen. Rotating the neck of the decanter will also work for the same purpose.

The simple decanting process allows the wine to be fully breathed after fully contacting the fresh air. The tannins in the wine will gradually oxidize, and its aroma will gradually be released with the oxidation process, and the taste of the wine will become more mellow and soft.

How to use Wine Decanter​

How to Clean Glass Decanter Set?

How to Clean the Crystal Decanter Set​

Although every time you clean a used decanter, it will still develop some deposits over time.

Proper way to clean glass decanter set: Push a non-metallic scrubbing sponge down the neck and use a wooden spoon to push it to the bottom. Finally, dry your decanter.

Note: Never put vinegar in decanters to clean these glass decanter set, especially crystal decanters.

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