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Decorative Hourglass

The decorative hourglass is used to measure time and has a unique shape. Sand Timers consist of two glass bulbs connected by a thin neck. The hourglass shape distributes the sand evenly for accurate time measurement. The thin neck of the hourglass helps regulate the flow of sand, allowing for a predictable passage of time. … Read more

Moving Sand Art In Glass

Moving Sand Art In Glass

The moving sand art in glass is a wonderful decorative piece to adorn a home or office. The frame and bracket of the 3D quicksand painting are made of ABS material, and the picture is composed of sealed glass, special sand, colorless liquid, and air bubbles. Model Number: YF-HG02 Material: Glass Color: Blue, Red, Purple, … Read more

Modern Hourglass

White Hourglass

The modern hourglass is a device for measuring time. An hourglass consists of two glass spheres and a narrow connecting pipe. Time is measured by the time it takes for a glass sphere filled with sand to flow into the empty glass sphere at the bottom. Once all the sand has flowed down to the … Read more

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