Glass Champagne Buckets

Glass champagne buckets can quickly reduce the temperature of wine before serving it. In the hot summer, besides the refrigerator, the ice bucket is the most common cooling tool. We have different styles of glass and crystal ice buckets, which are specially designed glass containers for holding and cooling champagne. They are a popular accessory for special occasions, celebrations, or formal dining occasions.

Glass Champagne Buckets Features

  • Glass champagne buckets can instantly chill the wine without changing the original concentration of the wine.
  • There are ever-changing styles of glass ice buckets, and personalized designed ice buckets make wine noble and elegant.
  • The glass ice bucket has a large capacity and leaves plenty of space for ice cubes. Great for beer, juice or other cold drinks.
  • Clear champagne buckets make it easy to monitor ice and water levels and will never rust or rot.
Thick Glass Ice Bucket
Glass Champagne Bucket with Handle

How to Use Glass Champagne Buckets?

If the ice bucket only contains ice cubes and wine bottles, because the contact area between the two is too small and the space between them is filled with air, the cooling effect is almost zero.

Pour half a bucket of water into a glass ice bucket filled with ice cubes to increase the contact area between the wine bottle and the ice water. The ice water will quickly absorb the heat during the melting process to achieve the cooling effect.

Glass Ice Bucket With Metal Handle

Since different wines have different optimal serving temperatures, too low a temperature can damage the taste of the wine. Therefore, professional sommeliers will take the wine out of the ice bucket and put it on the table at regular intervals after opening the wine to ensure that the serving temperature is maintained at a certain level.

If the wine is left in the ice bucket for too long, all the ice cubes melt. At this time, you need to take out the glass wine bottle and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes before it is suitable for drinking.

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