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Foundation Bottles

Yafu Glass offers foundation bottles in different models and sizes. The liquid foundation glass bottle looks very high-end. It is better to use glass bottles to package foundation, which can prevent volatilization, and glass bottles are more safe in terms of corrosion resistance.

We are a custom glass bottle manufacturer. Provide a variety of styles of cosmetic glass bottles. Our glass bottle factory has a large storage of glass foundation bottles. The Foundation Squeeze Bottle is mostly glass bottle with pump.

Glass Foundation Bottles Features

The glass bottle can well isolate the air and prevent the liquid foundation from oxidizing, and its isolation performance is excellent.

Glass foundation bottles can block the entry of the outside world and better preserve the liquid foundation, so most businesses will choose glass bottles. It makes sense that glass bottles are used by major merchants, because they can effectively protect the liquid foundation and protect the amount of liquid foundation from being volatilized.

Foundation Bottles
Pink Glass Foundation Bottle

The glass bottle material is corrosion-resistant and anti-falling, which is more hygienic and safe. The advantage of glass foundation bottles is that it is resistant to falling, and it will not shatter when dropped. The material of the glass bottle is corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant, and a small number of additives in the liquid foundation will not damage the glass. If other materials are used, they will be corroded.

Cosmetic Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a profession cosmetic glass manufacturer. We have glass bottles in stock, also provide OEM and ODM services.

Cosmetic Glass Bottle Manufacturer​
Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer

Most liquid foundations manufacturer choose glass bottles for cosmetic packaging, because glass bottle packaging gives a sense of luxury.

In addition to the skin feel, the packaging is also very important when choosing a liquid foundation. Most of the big-name liquid foundations are packaged in glass bottles. If it is plastic packaging, it will feel very ordinary. The price of liquid foundation in glass bottles is more expensive than that in plastic packaging.

A foundation bottle is defined as a mid-range liquid foundation because it comes in a plastic packaging rather than a glass bottle. The quality of the liquid foundation is the same, just because its packaging is not a glass bottle, it becomes a mid-range liquid foundation.

Therefore, the packaging of the liquid foundation glass bottle is very important, and it is also very high-end, which will make customers feel like a lady when using it.

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