Medicine Glass Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass offers medicine glass bottles wholesale, we have black and brown medicine glass bottles in different capacities from 5ml to 100ml. Glass pill bottles can hold liquid or dry products, such as chewable medicines or capsules.

Brown Medicine Bottles For Sale

Model Number: YF-MB02

Material: Glass

Color: Black, Brown

Capacity: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

Sealing Type: Screw Cap

Antique Brown Medicine Bottles
Black Medicine Glass Bottle

Advantages of Medicine Glass Bottles Wholesale

Dark glass bottles are used to hold the pills to avoid chemical reactions caused by light. If it is a plastic bottle, the medicine bottle should be light-colored, because the light color can reflect light, and the dark-colored bottle is exposed to sunlight, which absorbs more light, and the chemical reaction of the drug is easy to deteriorate.

These dark glass pill bottles are made of sturdy thick glass, wooden lids and corrosion-resistant silicone tops that won’t absorb flavors and last for a long time. The mouth of the glass bottle and the cap fit tightly, and the cap is not easy to leak when tightened.

Glass Medicine Bottles with Wooden Lid
Brown Glass Medicine Bottles

Brown glass medicine bottles are removable and reusable, they can come with different lids. We can also customize bottles of different colors according to the needs of customers.

These black and brown medicine glass bottles wholesale can be used to store essential oils, perfumes, medicines, herbs and other liquid or pharmaceutical products. Black Glass Bottles can safely protect essential oils and fragrances from UV rays and the risk of rapid evaporation.

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