Square Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set

Square Glass Cosmetic Bottles Wholesale

The square glass cosmetic bottle set is made of high-quality frosted glass with a high-end texture. Each glass bottle comes with a durable pressure pump as well as an ABS cap. Large diameter square frosted glass cosmetic jars come with black or white screw caps. Model Number: YF-CBS07 Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml Material: … Read more

Frosted Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Frosted Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Frosted glass cosmetic packaging can enhance the texture of cosmetic products to create a unique luxurious beauty, which is widely loved by people. The surface of frosted glass cosmetic packaging has a soft luster, smooth and delicate feel, and is as white and flawless as jade, warm and smooth. We have frosted glass bottles with pumps and … Read more

Clear Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Glass Cosmetic Packaging

The glass cosmetic packaging set is made of high-quality glass material, and is beautiful and translucent. Our clear cosmetic glass bottle packaging is mainly used for skin care products (creams, lotions). Model Number: YF-CBS05 Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml Material: Glass Color: Clear Sealing Type: Screw Custom: OEM &ODM Request A Quote The glass … Read more

Gold Cosmetic Packaging

Gold Cosmetic Packaging

The gold cosmetic packaging includes 40ml 100ml 120ml glass pump bottles and 50g 30g cosmetic jars with gold lids. These glass jars with gold lids can be used to portion out creams, lotions, skin care products, moisturizers, or other cosmetics. Model Number: YF-CBS04 Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml Material: Glass Color: Clear Sealing Type: … Read more

Double Insulated Flower Glass Cups

Flower Glass Cup

The flower glass cups feature a unique double-layer design with beautiful dried flowers inside. We have heat-resistant double wall glasses in 250ml and 350ml capacities. Model Number: YF-DGC010 Capacity: 250ml, 350ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Round Size: 8*9cm, 8*11cm Request A Quote This is a personalized coffee mug. The double wall glass cup is … Read more

Double Walled Striped Glass Tumblers

Double Walled Striped Glass Tumbler

The vertical striped glass tumblers adopt a double-layer glass design, which has the dual functions of heat preservation and heat insulation. We have double-walled glass coffee mugs in two capacities: 280ml and 330ml. Model Number: YF-DGC009 Capacity: 280ml, 330ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Round Size: 8.3*9cm, 8.5*11.6cm Request A Quote We have two shapes … Read more

What Kind of Cosmetic Bottles Do Women Like?

Glass Cosmetic Bottles

What kind of cosmetic bottles do women like, glass bottles, ceramic bottles, or plastic bottles? A study showed that up to 78% of female friends choose glass materials. 46% of them choose to prefer translucent glass cosmetic bottles. Whether it is a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, they have their advantages and characteristics. Before … Read more

350ml Double Walled Beer Glass

Double Walled Beer Glasses

The double walled beer glass mug adopts the design of an inverted beer bottle and can hold 350 ml of liquid. The glass is designed with double-layer insulation to keep your beer cold longer. Model Number: YF-DGC008 Capacity: 350ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Tapered Size: 8.3*17.6cm Request A Quote The double walled glass is … Read more

Glass Cocktail Goblets Wholesale

Cocktail Goblets Wholesale

The glass cocktail goblets have a unique shape. The stem and base are integrated into a tapered design, and the funnel-shaped opening is wide, making drinking easy and enjoyable. Model Number: YF-GC041 Capacity: 200ml, 280ml Color: Clear, Green, Blue, Gold, Silver Material: Glass Shape: Funnel Shape Size: 9.2*20cm, 6.2*25cm, 12.5*16.8cm Request A Quote We produce and wholesale … Read more

Gold Rimmed Goblets

Gold Champagne Flutes

We have two different sizes of gold rimmed goblets, 220ml and 600ml, which can be used as champagne cocktail glasses and wine glasses. Each glass stemware features a beautiful gold rim and diamond stem. Model Number: YF-GC040 Capacity: 220ml, 600ml Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Round Size: 7.5*28cm, 8*25cm Request A Quote These gold-rimmed wine … Read more

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