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Why are Pickles in Glass Jars?

Pickles in Glass Jars

Why are pickles in glass jars? Glass jars with sealed lids have very good chemical stability, easy sealing, and good air tightness. The transparent jar allows you to observe the pickle inside the glass jar from the outside. The glass jar has good storage performance and smooth surface, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization. … Read more

Glass Bottle Packaging Supplier

Glass Oil Bottles Supplier

Yafu Glass is a large glass bottle packaging supplier, our glass bottle packaging container is a kind of transparent container made of molten glass material by blowing and molding. Glass bottle packaging supplier can also have colorful colors, and reasonable color design can make the product packaging better into the use of the scene. We … Read more

Cosmetic Bottle Pump

Cosmetic Bottle Pump

Cosmetic bottle pump is widely used in the cosmetics industry, in the field of skin care and wash care, perfume has been applied. Such as shampoo, bath milk, skin lotion, essence, anti-lotion, BB cream, foundation, facial cleanser, hand soap and other products are used. We offer a wide range of spray pump heads and lotion … Read more

How to Choose Glass Perfume Bottles

Clear Glass Perfume Bottles

Glass perfume bottles type design has more and more artistic temperament, crystal clear bottle body like a piece of exquisite art. The perfume concept contained in glass bottle is the essence of perfume bottle design. How to choose glass perfume bottles is the soul of a good perfume. Glass perfume bottle is for perfume service, … Read more

Gemstone Roller Bottles

Gemstone Roller Bottles Wholesale

Gemstone roller bottles consist of gemstone roller tops, clear glass bottles with crystal power stones and lids. These 10ml glass roller bottles can be taken anywhere, and are perfect for using essential oils, perfume oils, restoratives, DIY sample mixes, serums, aromatherapy, and other liquids. Each clear glass bottle is filled with gemstone chips, so as … Read more

Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Glass roller ball bottles are made of corrosion-resistant thick glass, smooth and impact-resistant, protecting essential oils from UV rays and breakdown. Empty glass roller bottles can be used for essential oils, perfumes, deodorants, aromatherapy cosmetics, sunscreens, moisturizers and more. The roll-on essential oil glass bottles are available in 30ml/1oz, 50ml/1.7oz capacities, and appropriate capacity can … Read more

Square Clear Glass Vase

Square Clear Glass Vase

The square clear glass vase is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The elegant and simple cuboid bottle has a water wave texture. Made of high-quality crystal clear thick glass, this square glass vase is decorated with gold rim on the top for simplicity, elegance and modernity. We offer 3 different sizes for this square clear glass … Read more

White Frosted Glass Vase

White Frosted Glass Vases

The white frosted glass vase has a simple shape, the bottle body is thickened, and the bottom is stable. The matte textured vase has a streamlined shape, making the whole more three-dimensional and full of a rich artistic atmosphere. We offer 3 different shapes of tall glass bud vases. White frosted glass vases have no … Read more

Whiskey Glass Cups

Whiskey Glass Cups

The whiskey glass cups are made of high-quality clear lead-free crystal glass and can hold up to 150ml of drinks. The raised lattice increases the friction when holding the whisky glass in hand, making it difficult to slip. The diamond pattern shimmers in the light. Thickened glass walls help keep drinks at the perfect temperature. … Read more

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