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Yafu Glass goblets come in many shapes, and different Stemware Glasses hold different wines or beverages. The goblet wine glass cup is composed of three parts: the cup body, the cup stem, and the cup holder. The elegantly-lined glass goblets are the standard container for wine. The slender handle below the glass gives it a unique look and function, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional for wine tasting and viewing.

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Yafu Glass offers wholesale glass goblets and wine glasses in different shapes, and can be used as burgundy glasses, champagne glasses, and standard tasting glasses.

Champagne glasses do not necessarily wine glass goblets. Sipping champagne is not just about the enjoyment of the taste. The presentation of those beautiful bubbles in the glass is the reason for the existence of the champagne glass.

For different varieties of wine, the design of the wine glass goblet will also have some differences, to let the wine more fully develop its style characteristics.

  • The Bordeaux red wine glass can actually be regarded as a general-purpose glass for tasting red wine. The bellies of standard white wine glass are smaller than those of Bordeaux glass, mainly to preserve the lower serving temperature and aroma of white wine. 
  • A Burgundy glass with an extra-large belly, which is easy to turn around and allows the aroma of red Burgundy grapes to fully develop. It is an indispensable companion for Burgundy lovers.
Drinking Glass Goblets
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Drinking Glasses Production Process

At present, the production process of Drinking Glasses has two kinds of artificial production and machine pressing.

  • Manual production is to manually blow the glass goblets body or machine to blow the cup body, and then manually connect the cup rod and cup holder. The cup body can be of any size during manual production. The artificial glass goblets have low production efficiency and high cost.
  • Machine pressing is to press and shape the cup body, cup stem, and cup holder at one time. When the machine is pressed, the glass cup body can only meet the size of the mouth and the body before it can be demolded. Machine-pressed glass wine cups are highly productive and cost-effective.
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Glass Goblet Manual Production

Why Drink Wine with Glass Goblet Cups?

Drinking wine with a glass goblet is a habit. The ideal serving temperature for wine is often lower than human body temperature. For example, the serving temperature of white wine is mostly between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius, while that of red wine is between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius.

  • Effect of handheld temperature: If we drink from a tumbler, the temperature of our hands when we hold the wine is easily transferred to the glass. This will cause the wine to heat up, preventing its aroma and flavor from developing at its best. Since the glass goblet has a slender stem, we can pinch this part or hold the cup holder. This prevents body temperature from affecting the temperature of the wine in the cup.
  • Effect of Cup Wall Thickness: In addition, the wall of the flat-bottom wine glass cup is often thicker than that of the glass goblet, which not only affects the aesthetics of the wine, but also affects the tasting experience. Holding a tumbler can easily leave fingerprints on the sides of the red wine glass, preventing the taster from seeing the color and clarity of the wine.
  • Design Factors: Because the ordinary flat-bottom champagne glass is not designed for wine tasting, the mouth of the glass cannot gather the aroma of the wine near the mouth of the glass, which affects the smelling process of the taster.

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