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Empty Perfume Bottles Manufacturers

Empty Perfume Bottles Manufacturers

We manufacture and wholesale empty perfume bottles from 10ml to 100ml, our hot sale empty glass perfume bottles are available ...
Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

Custom Perfume Glass Bottles Manufacturer in Creating Captivating Fragrance Vessels

Behind every exquisite perfume lies the artistry and innovative spirit of the perfume glass bottle manufacturer. These master glass craftsmen ...
Custom Glass Cups

Custom Glass Cups Manufacturer – Yafu Glass

Yafu Glass is a leading manufacturer of custom glass cups, providing our customers with quality products that are durable, stylish, ...
Empty Glass Candle Jars Bulk

Where to Buy Empty Candle Jars Bulk

Yafu Glass offers empty candle jars bulk for all candle making needs. We have glass candle jars in stock, ship ...
Embossed Glass Candle Jars

Best Colored Embossed Glass Candle Jars Wholeale

These delicate colored glass candle jars are embossed, and each glass jar presents exquisite relief patterns, they are very unique ...
Best Embossed Whiskey Glasses Wholesale

Find the Best Embossed Whiskey Glasses

Crystal clear embossed whiskey glasses make drinks look more attractive. The refraction of light in the glass cup can enhance ...
Colored Stemless Wine Glasses

European Style Colored Stemless Wine Glasses

The colored stemless wine glasses are dazzling and will reflect colorful light and shadow under the sunlight. Handmade colored wine ...
Clear Perfume Bottles

Exploring the World of Clear Perfume Bottles Packaging

Clear perfume bottles have simple enough lines, and some look similar to old-fashioned transparent medicine bottles. This kind of packaging ...
Arabian Perfume Bottles Wholesale

Beautiful Arabian Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles

These classic vintage glass perfume bottles are made from high-quality glass and hand-painted colorful enamel. The retro design looks beautiful ...
Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

We have various styles of gold rimmed glass plates, round glass plates with gold rims, and square clear gold rimmed ...

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