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Olive Oil Glass Bottle

Yafu Glass Products Manufacturer

Yafu Glass provides a one-stop packaging service. From the initial design of the product to every stage of after-sales service, you are meticulously supported to provide quality feedback. A professional team serves your business projects, making it easy for you to achieve your goals.

Yafu Glass Products Bottles and jars are widely used in food and beverage, skin care and beauty, houseld and glassware, health and medicine industry packaging. The glass packaging materials are aesthetics, hygiene, corrosion resistance and low cost.

Food & Beverage

Our food glass bottles products include olive oil bottles, drinking glass bottles, milk bottles, spice jars, honey glass jars, wine bottles, glass storage jars, etc.

Skin Care & Beauty

Cosmetic glass bottles products include perfume bottles, foundation bottles, lotion bottles, essential oil bottles, nail polish bottles, cream jars, lip gloss tubes, etc.

Household & Glassware

Glass tableware mainly includes glass plates, glass bowls, glass cups, lunch boxes and glass pots, etc. Household glass bottles include candle jars and glass vases.

Health & Medicine

Medicine Glass Bottles

We have black and brown medicine glass bottles in different capacities from 5ml to 100ml.

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