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Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

We have various styles of gold rimmed glass plates, round glass plates with gold rims, and square clear gold rimmed charger plates. They can be used as dinner plates, cake plates, pizza plates, dessert plates, and more. The glass plate adopts a special-shaped gold-painted shape. The plate body has clear lines, simple and elegant, bringing … Read more

Small Glass Dishes

Small Glass Fruit Dishes

Small glass dishes easily enhance the visual appeal and presentation of food. Antipasti are served on small glass platters, whose clear surface showcases the dishes’ vibrant colors and intricate details, captivating the eyes and taste buds. The presentation of food plays a vital role in the overall dining experience. Research shows that the appearance of … Read more

Glass Butter Dish

Glass Butter Holder

The glass butter dish comes with a lid that fits perfectly. Rectangular butter pans have a simple, beautiful look. It keeps butter for up to 7 days without spoilage or off-flavor. The transparent lid of the glass butter container can clearly see the state of the butter. The word “BUTTER” is engraved on the top, … Read more

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