Mini Glass Water Bottles

Mini Glass Water Bottles

The mini glass water bottles are lightweight and portable, perfect for people on the go. The wide-mouth glass water bottle can hold 260ml of milk. The glass water bottle has a scale, we can clearly see the capacity of drinking water.  Model Number: YF-GWB15 Capacity: 260ml Material: Glass Size: 7.5*11cm Request A Quote The transparent … Read more

Find the Best Glass Sports Water Bottles

Glass Sports Water Bottles

Glass sports water bottles offer a host of health benefits, and they preserve the purity and flavor of your beverages. Glass sports water bottles are known for their durability and long-term use. Glass bottles retain their original appearance after repeated use. Hydration is not only important for good health. It also plays a vital role … Read more

How to Choose the Best Glass Drinking Bottles

Best Glass Drinking Bottles

When it comes to choosing a durable and eco-friendly water bottle, glass drinking bottles are the best choice. Glass is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t retain any flavors, ensuring the water remains pure. The best glass drinking bottles don’t contain harmful chemicals, so don’t worry about any potential health risks. Plus, glass water … Read more

Diamond Glass Water Bottle

Diamond Shape Glass Water Bottles

The diamond glass water bottle with lid features unique diamond-shaped facets and macaron colors of blue, green, yellow, pink and purple. The glass bottle features a wide mouth opening, making it easy to add ice cubes or dried lemons. Model Number: YF-GWB15 Capacity: 500ml Material: Glass Shape: Diamond Shape Size: 7.5*21.5cm Request A Quote This … Read more

Glass Water Bottle With Time Markings

Glass Water Bottles With Time Markings

The glass water bottle with time markings will remind you to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. This drinking bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, reusable, and environmentally friendly. It can withstand temperatures from 0-120 degrees Celsius. This durable glass bottle will not break under extreme temperatures and pressures. Model Number: … Read more

Gemstone Energy Bottle

Gemstone Energy Water Bottles

The gemstone energy bottle is made of borosilicate glass, suitable for hot or cold drinks, and easy to clean. The crystal energy water bottle contains a detachable natural crystal center and lid. We offer Gemstone Energy Bottle Wholesale in different caps ans colors. Model Number: YF-GWB13 Capacity: 530ml Material: Glass Cap: Stainless Steel Cap Size: 6.5*24cm … Read more

Glass Water Tumbler With Straw

Glass Water Tumblers With Straws

The glass water tumbler with straw uses borosilicate glass, bamboo lid and bamboo straw. Silicone sleeves provide a non-slip grip for easy grip. The silicone case comes in different colors to easily identify your drink on the table. Model Number: YF-GWB12 Capacity: 500ml Material: Glass Cap: Bamboo Lid Size: 6.4*18.8cm Request A Quote The glass … Read more

Glass Water Bottle With Straw Lid

Glass Water Bottles With Straw Lids

The glass water bottle with straw lid is a very sturdy glass. The cap is a high quality plastic flip-top straw cap with a leak-proof double cap design. The glass water bottle with silicone sleeve can withstand high temperatures and strong external shocks. Even if dropped, it is free of chips and cracks. The glass water … Read more

Wasserflaschen aus Glas

Trinkflasche aus Glas

Yafu Glass bietet Wasserflaschen aus Glas in verschiedenen Arten, Größen und Farben an. Glaswasserflaschen bestehen aus Borosilikatglas mit hohem Borosilikatgehalt, das Temperaturen von -20 °C bis 150 °C standhält. Sie können kochendes oder gefrorenes Wasser direkt hineingießen. Die Glaswasserflasche hat eine glatte Oberfläche und der abnehmbare Deckel erleichtert die Reinigung. Gute chemische Stabilität: super säure-/alkali-/wasserfest. … Read more

Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

Double Wall Glass Tea Bottles

The glass tea infuser bottle is made of high quality borosilicate glass. This glass water bottle with tea infuser adopts a separate bottle body, the tea leaves and water bottle are separated, which can filter the tea leaves and impurities and prevent the tea water from flowing back. The water bottle is insulated with double-glazed … Read more

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