180ml Round Glass Spice Jars

Round Glass Spice Jar

The round glass spice jars feature new shaker tops for easy pouring and control of small-grained spices. They hold 180ml/6oz of spices and the clear glass jars make it easy to view the contents. Model Number: YF-GSJ06 Capacity: 180ml Shape: Round Material: Glass Size: 6*11cm Request A Quote We offer shaker lids for round glass … Read more

350ml Glass Spice Jar With Spoon

Square Glass Spice Jar

The glass spice jar with spoon is made of clear thickened glass, perfect for storing sugar, pepper and other spices in the kitchen. The square glass jar has a capacity of 350 ml and features a flip-top lid for easy opening. Model Number: YF-GSJ05 Capacity: 350ml Shape: Square Material: Glass Color: White, Yellow, Green Size: … Read more

Recommended Useful Spice Glass Jars for Kitchen

Spice Glass Jars with Grinder

Advanced chefs always recommend buying whole spices and grinding them yourself, as whole spices retain their aromatic compounds better than ground spices. Spice glass jars with grinder tops help grind seasonings quickly and evenly. They are ideal for kitchen and outdoor cooking. They grind seasonings quickly and evenly when added to stews, allowing for full … Read more

Glass Spice Jars for Sale to Russia

Glass Spice Jars for Sale

In July, we have 100,000 glass spice jars for sale to Russia. We inspect and pack at the factory to ensure the conformity and safety of the goods. In March, we got an email from Russia which wanted glass spice jars. We quote Russian customers promptly, we have samples in stock, and have sent them … Read more

Square Glass Spice Jars

Square Glass Spice Jars

The square glass spice jars have high transparency and chemical stability, allowing you to see the spices. We have two capacity: 85ml and135ml. The square shape maximizes storage space and can be placed on a shelf or in a cupboard. Model Number: YF-GSJ04 Capacity: 85ml,135ml Shape: Square Color: Clear Material: Glass Lid: Shaker Lids Request A Quote … Read more

Glass Jar With Lid and Spoon

Glass Jar With Lid and Spoon

Glass jar with lid and spoon comes with an airtight lid, which ensures food freshness and long-term storage by sealing. Airtight glass jars will protect food from air and moisture so it doesn’t spoil. These clear glass containers allow for better organization and storage to keep your kitchen or cabinets tidy.  Model Number: YF-GSJ03 Capacity: 450ml … Read more

Glass Spice Jars With Bamboo Lids

Glass Spice Jars With Bamboo Lids

These glass spice jars have an opening of 3.3cm in diameter and are available in various sizes from 5.5cm to 10.5cm in height. This set of glass spice jars with bamboo lids is perfect for storing spices, condiments, cookies, sugar. Model Number: YF-GSJ02 Material: Glass Shape: Round Specification: D3.3cm Lid: Bamboo lid Request A Quote … Read more

Spice Storage Containers Glass Jar

Spice Storage Containers Glass

The spice storage containers glass jar contains a stainless steel top, clear thick glass body, ceramic rotor and stainless steel grinder interior. The glass bottle is designed with a smooth curved surface, making it more comfortable to hold. Glass jars with grinder top help grind seasonings quickly and evenly. They are ideal for kitchen and outdoor … Read more

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