30ml 40ml Triangular Perfume Bottle

The triangular perfume bottle uses a triangular lid with the same geometry as the glass bottle body, giving it a sharp-edged look. We have two capacities of 30ml and 40ml, the portable size is very delicate and easy to carry and store.

Glass Triangular Perfume Bottles

Model Number: YF-PGB30

Capacity: 30ml, 40ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Shape: Triangle

Size: 4*10cm, 4*13.8cm

Custom Triangular Perfume Bottle
Triangular Glass Perfume Bottle
Triangular Clear Glass Perfume Bottle

The triangular perfume bottle is made of thickened glass. The base and lid are designed with a triangular shape and a sense of lines. Empty glass perfume bottle equips with gold or silver spray pump and clear lid. 

The triangular glass spray bottle is suitable for storing perfumes, essences, liquid substances and other products. We can customize the logo or put a label on the bottle body.

Triangular Glass Perfume Bottles
Triangular Perfume Bottles with Cap

Triangular Perfume Bottle Features

Triangular Transparent Perfume Bottles
Transparent Triangular Perfume Bottles
Transparent Triangular Glass Perfume Bottles
  • The triangular perfume bottle has good stability and barrier properties, is non-toxic and odorless, and does not react chemically with the perfume.
  • Glass bottles have good transparency and the contents are clearly visible, conveying a high-end feeling to consumers.
  • Glass bottles have good rigidity and are not easily deformed, giving consumers more weight in their hands.
  • Glass perfume bottles are recyclable and can be used to hold various liquids.

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