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Diffuser Glass Jars

Glass Jar Diffusers

The diffuser glass jars have removable stoppers, and the lids are both decorative and leak-proof. We offer clear empty glass jars with lids in 50-500ml capacities. The round diffuser bottle is made of glass material, perfect for filling essential oils or aromatherapy, etc. It is durable, strong, and reusable. The glass bottle with gold ring … Read more

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles

The coloured glass diffuser bottles are made of a strong and durable glass material that complements a variety of home decor. Pour aromatic essential oils into a colored glass bottle and insert a reed to make a reed diffuser. The glass reed diffuser will fill your house with a fresh and natural aroma and improve … Read more

Decorative Reed Diffuser Bottles

Decorative Reed Diffuser Bottles

The decorative reed diffuser bottles are made of glass material. This flat crescent shaped glass bottle is durable, sturdy and reusable. This 100ml frosted glass aromatherapy diffuser bottle is exquisite, a small mouth can reduce the evaporation of aromatherapy. The beautiful empty glass diffuser bottle is easy to use. Simply place essential oils and diffuser … Read more

Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles With Caps

Reed Diffuser Bottles With Caps

The diffuser bottles with caps are made of glass and are durable. Glass diffuser bottles are used with aromatherapy oils, reeds, perfumes, and they create a fresh and soothing environment for the home or office. This 100ml glass diffuser bottle has a smooth finish, flawless finish, and a good seal. Thickened threaded bottom, durable, stable … Read more

Glass Diffuser Bottle

Glass Diffuser Bottles

The Glass Diffuser Bottle is available for refreshing your bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen and anywhere else fragrance is needed. Our glass aromatherapy bottle is delicate and heavy, there are 50ml, 150ml, 200ml various capacities to choose from. Previous Next Colored Glass Diffuser Bottles Model Number: YF2022042602 Capacity: 50ml, 150ml, 200ml Shape: round Color: black, blue, red, … Read more

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