Glass Perfume Bottles 50Ml

The glass perfume bottles 50ml are ideal for short trips. Clear glass perfume bottles come in the shape of a pumpkin and are a popular storage container for perfume. The cap of the perfume bottle is like a diamond, beautiful and unique.

Glass Perfume Bottles 50Ml

Model Number: YF-PGB29

Capacity: 50ml

Shape: Pumpkin Shape

Size: 6.3*9.6cm

Pumpkin Glass Perfume Spray Bottle

The 50ml glass atomizer¬†comes with a matching cap, and is a refillable perfume bottle. The crystal pumpkin shaped perfume bottle has a retro style. It’s perfect for holding liquids, such as essential oils, perfumes, sunscreen sprays, and more.

The glass perfume bottles 50ml are extremely portable to take, making it easier on the go. These glass perfume spray bottles have good transparency and chemical stability and do not release harmful substances.

50Ml Glass Spray Perfume Bottle
Pumpkin Glass Perfume Bottles

Features of Glass Perfume Bottles 50Ml

  • This perfume spray bottle has a capacity of 50ML, is made of high-quality glass.
  • The glass bottle comes with a cap and aluminum oxide spout, to protect your perfume from dripping.
  • The perfume bottle is exquisitely made, adding a sense of fashion, with soft lines and high gloss.
  • The bottle mouth adopts a spiral seal, which provides good sealing performance and no need to worry about perfume leakage.
Pumpkin Shape Clear Glass Perfume Bottles
50ml Pumpkin Glass Perfume Spray Bottles

Custom Glass Bottles Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of glass bottles, and we offer wholesale glass perfume bottles of various sizes, from 5ml to 100ml. Customers are also welcome to order larger custom sizes if needed. We can also customize the color of the perfume bottles, including colored and gradient designs.

Our perfume bottles range in shape from round to square, as well as unique shapes, such as diamond, heart, and pumpkin. We offer a variety of bottle caps to meet the dispensing needs of different types of cosmetics. These include rollerball caps, dropper caps, sprayers and nail polish caps.

Essential Oil Dropper Cap
Empty Glass Nail Polish Bottles

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