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Glass Milk Bottles

Yafu Glass offers glass milk bottles in different shapes and sizes. As a traditional milk packaging, Glass Milk Container is environmentally friendly, low-cost, reusable, transparent, and beautiful. Milk Glass Jar has good barrier properties and is heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and cleaning-resistant.

Glass Milk Bottles Supplier

Yafu Glass is a best glass bottles manufacturer. We have glass bottles in stock, also provide OEM and ODM services. Our milk bottles are made of high quality lead-free glass material. The glass milk bottle is dishwasher safe, recyclable and reusable.

Glass is a very stable material. When the food glass bottle stores milk, the milk does not react chemically with the glass container, which can ensure the stability of the milk’s composition, the high-quality nutrients and fresh taste in the milk can be better preserved.

Glass milk bottles are usually need to be recycled. Consumers need to put the finished glass bottle back into the milk box for recycling. While cartons and plastics are lighter than glass bottles, plastics and cartons are no longer recycled for repackaging of milk. The glass bottle can be reused through recycling, cleaning and disinfection and other processes, which is green and environmentally friendly.

Milk Glass Container With Lid Advantage

Pasteurized fresh milk needs to maintain a good low temperature environment during transportation and storage, and glass milk bottles can meet this demand. After the material of glass is refrigerated, the temperature change rate is slower than that of other containers such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. It can better give the milk a low-temperature storage environment and better lock in nutrients.

Flat Glass Bottle with Flamingo Pattern
Pink Glass Water Bottle

You can see the quality of the milk in the glass bottle at a glance. Fresh milk is poured into the clear bottle body, shaken slightly, the pure white milk drops slowly slide down on the transparent bottle body, the rich texture is clearly visible, and you feel extremely fresh.

The glass milk bottles with lids are perfect for storing milk, buttermilk, honey, maple syrup, jam, homemade sauces, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, ketchup and more.

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