Hanging Plant Terrariums – Home Decor Glass Vases

Hanging Plant Terrariums

The hanging plant terrariums are like miniature gardens suspended in mid-air, bringing life and vitality to any room. These unique hanging plant terrariums can grow small plants like succulents, cactus air plants and more. Sunlight filters through the Hanging Glass Terrarium With Plants, creating mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow. The hanging plant terrariums are … Read more

Finding the Best Glass Cylinder Vases Bulk

Glass Cylinder Vases Bulk

The Glass Cylinder Vases bulk has a sleek, modern look that easily enhances any space. Their clean lines and transparent nature create an illusion of openness and elegance. Glass cylinder vases are very versatile. They can be used to display a variety of items such as flowers, candles, stones, and even floating arrangements. Their cylindrical … Read more

Glass Bell Vases – Popular Choice for Weddings

Glass Bell Vases with Wooden Base

Glass bell vases have become a popular choice for interior decoration, perfect for displaying flowers or exhibits. The bell shaped glass vase provides the perfect surround for the flowers, allowing them to stand tall for a visually striking centerpiece. Glass bell vases easily enhance any flower arrangement, from vibrant roses to delicate gypsophila, and bring … Read more

Home Decor Glass Vases and Bottles

Home Decorative Glass Vases

The glass bottles tied with twine are beautiful home decor glass vases. We can pour water into a glass bottle and insert a flower or plant. The glass bottle with plants brings a strong natural flavor and gives us a special flavor. A simple bottle, even an original label, with a flower in it may … Read more

Geometric Glass Vase

Geometric Glass Vase

The geometric glass vase features an octagonal design, and gold edging gives the vase a sleek and sophisticated look. The decorative vase is made of soda lime glass, which is thick and durable. The three-dimensional geometric design brings a touch of surprise to the vision. The regular octagonal glass looks sharp, giving people a simple … Read more

Glass Face Vase

Glass Face Vases for Sale

The glass face vase is an abstract tabletop craft, perfect for decorating your office, bedroom, living room, and more. The face-shaped vase is made of lead-free glass, which is beautiful and practical. It can be placed alone or arranged in flowers, full of artistic life. Model Number: YF-GV016 Material: Glass Color: Brown, Gray, Clear Shape: … Read more

Square Clear Glass Vase

Square Clear Glass Vase

The square clear glass vase is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The elegant and simple cuboid bottle has a water wave texture. Made of high-quality crystal clear thick glass, this square glass vase is decorated with gold rim on the top for simplicity, elegance and modernity. Model Number: YF-GV014 Material: Glass Color: Transparent Craft: Handmade Shape: … Read more

White Frosted Glass Vase

White Frosted Glass Vases

The white frosted glass vase has a simple shape, the bottle body is thickened, and the bottom is stable. The matte textured vase has a streamlined shape, making the whole more three-dimensional and full of a rich artistic atmosphere. Model Number: YF-GV013 Material: Glass Color: White Craft: Handmade Shape: Round Size: 8*25cm, 8*16cm, 6*22cm Request … Read more

Art Deco Glass Vase

Art Deco Glass Vase

The art deco glass vase is a Nordic light luxury style relief glass vase. The three-dimensional relief of the glass bottle has a retro style, silently interpreting the charming combination of painting and sculpture. Model Number: YF-GV012 Material: Glass Color: Green, Blue, Gray, Purple Craft: Handmade Shape: Round Size: 10*25cm, 11*30cm Request A Quote This … Read more

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