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Art Deco Glass Vase

Art Deco Glass Vase

The art deco glass vase is a Nordic light luxury style relief glass vase. The three-dimensional relief of the glass bottle has a retro style, silently interpreting the charming combination of painting and sculpture. This Nordic style art deco glass vase comes in two different sizes. The vase is made of thickened high temperature resistant … Read more

Glass Bottles for Flowers

Green Glass Bottle Vase

The glass bottles for flowers are made of thick glass with a non-slip bottom. This colorful small bud vase has a stable center of gravity and is not easily tipped over, with a smooth and rounded mouth. The diameter of the glass bottle is suitable for small flower buds, dried flowers, and liquid aromatherapy. We … Read more

Glass Vase With Gold Rim

Glass Vase With Gold Rim

The glass vase with gold rim is made of solid translucent crystal glass with a glossy smoky finish. Thick glass vases are suitable for displaying a variety of hay, fresh flowers and bouquets. The gold trim on the top gives the glass vase an elegant look. We have three different sizes of glass vases with … Read more

Twisted Glass Vase

Twisted Glass Vase

This twisted glass vase is made of high-quality glass with smooth edges. The thick bottom and thick walls will ensure the stability of the bouquet in the glass vase. We offer twisted glass vases in three different sizes. We offer this irregular glass vase in two different colors: green and smoke grey. Handcrafted to make … Read more

Glass and Gold Vase

Glass and Gold Vase

The glass and gold vase adopts Nordic light luxury style. The oval glass bottle is smooth and delicate, transparent and clean, bringing the theme to the space with a more textured attitude. This vase measures 18cm in diameter and 35cm in height. This egg-shaped glass vase uses luxurious metal lines to separate the glass, and … Read more

Glass Vase With Handle

Tall Clear Glass Vases

The glass vase with handle is made of vertically striped clear glass and metal handles. This cylindrical clear glass vase has a long body and is ideal for daisies, roses, carnations, tulips, and other flowers with slender branches. We offer this clear glass vase with metal handle in three different sizes. The glass vase and … Read more

Black Smoked Glass Vase

Black Smoked Glass Vases

The black smoked glass vase is made of high quality crystal thick glass with geometric shapes. This European style glass vase is simple and elegant as an interior decoration. This geometric smoke black glass vase comes in three different sizes. Geometric shapes make up abstract artwork in this glass vase, which has an upper diameter … Read more

Glass Lantern Vase

Glass Lantern Vases

The glass lantern vase has a spherical lantern shape. The upper spherical vase is made of glass hand-blown and the lower part is made of metal circles. This spherical glass vase features a textured leaf pattern, this decorative glass vase brings uniqueness to home decor. Glass Lantern Vase Wholesale We offer this spherical lantern glass … Read more

Teardrop Glass Vase

Teardrop Glass Vases

The Teardrop Glass Vase is thicker and stronger than ordinary vases. Bulb vases have an elegant look and are perfect for displaying a single flower or mixing different stems. Teardrop Glass Vase Supplier These teardrop glass bud vases wholesale are available in 4 colors: brown, yellow, amber, and smoke grey. The teardrop glass bud vase … Read more

Hanging Glass Vase

Hanging Glass Vase

Hanging glass vase is the best hanging glass terrarium, which hangs clear glass containers on black metal supports, the round base keeps it stable. Keep goldfish, aquatic plants, or flowers in the terrarium. The hanging plant glass is not only creative but also beautiful. This is a creative decoration. Just hang the glass ball flower … Read more

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