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Whiskey Glass Cups

Whiskey Glass Cups

The whiskey glass cups are made of high-quality clear lead-free crystal glass and can hold up to 150ml of drinks. The raised lattice increases the friction when holding the whisky glass in hand, making it difficult to slip. The diamond pattern shimmers in the light. Thickened glass walls help keep drinks at the perfect temperature. … Read more

Glass Cup with Wooden Base

Glass Tea Cups with Wooden Bottom

Glass cup with wooden base is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and the bottom of the cup has a unique mountain-shaped raised design. The glasses come with different styles of solid wood bases: black walnut and beech in elegant shades. Our mountain shaped clear glass cups can be used for a variety of uses. Such … Read more

Hammered Wine Glass Cup

Hammered Whisky Glass with Gold Rim

The hammered wine glass cup features gold trim, thickened walls and bottom. The premium whisky glass features a geometric sloping design that is both beautiful and durable, making it a bar highlight. This short Japanese-style gold-rimmed hammered glass has a 300ml capacity. The glass has a wide opening for easy refilling. The hammered glass is … Read more

Glass Mushroom Cup

Glass Mushroom Cups

The glass mushroom cup is made of lead-free premium glass and is highly transparent. This clear glass is suitable for any drink, wine, water, cocktails, lemonade, or juice. They are lightweight and comfortable to hold. The glass cup is designed with a creative mushroom shape, it can hold 280ml cocktails. The exquisite shape is very … Read more

Small Glass Dessert Cups

Glass Yogurt Cup

The small glass dessert cups are made of borosilicate material. The outer pattern of the glass is made of roasted flowers, and the 230ml small-capacity glass has a larger mouth, which can be used to hold pudding, milk, milkshake, cheese, yogurt, etc. We offer the mini glass dessert cups with different pattern. This glass is … Read more

Glass Drinking Cup With Lid And Straw

Glass Drinking Cups With Lids And Straws

The glass drinking cup with lid and straw comes with a silicone sleeve. The insulated cup sleeve protects hands from hot drinks and is also easy to hold. The glass cup can hold 320ml coffee milk. The drinking cup adopts a glass body, insulated silicone anti-scalding cup sleeve, food-grade silicone straw, and double-layer thermos semi-circular … Read more

Mini Glass Mugs with Ball Handles

Small Glass Tea Cup

The mini glass mugs with ball handles can hold 100ml of coffee and tea. This coffee tea cup has a unique design with a glass ball handle. This coffee mug is made of high-end glass material, which is odorless, high temperature resistant, burst resistant, wear resistant and has a long lifespan. Model Number YF-GC01 Capacity … Read more

Glass Tea Cup With Infuser

Glass Tea Cup With Infuser

Glass tea cup with infuser is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is able to withstand thermal shock, scratches, and breakage. The glass tea cup has a capacity of 500ml, with a wooden lid and infuser basket, which is easy to remove and clean. Our glass cups are hand blown, lead-free and free of any … Read more

Glass Dessert Cups

Glass Dessert Cup

Glass dessert cups with stems are made of thick glass. The durable bottom of this ice cream glass cup is designed to provide stability and prevent tipping. The wide mouth glass cup is convenient for desserts, and perfect for sundaes, shakes, sorbets, snacks, fruit, salads, cocktails, and more. This dessert glass cup has a capacity … Read more

Heart Shaped Double Wall Glass

Heart Shaped Double Wall Glass Mugs

The heart shaped double wall glass cup is made of high-quality borosilicate clear glass. Cute and creative heart shaped mugs are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The unique shape of the glassware creates the illusion of levitation, making your drink appear to be suspended in the air. The double wall glass mugs have a good … Read more

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