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Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Best Olive Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

The glass olive oil and vinegar dispenser 2 in 1 is hand blown by artisans, the olive oil dispenser bottle has a unique and refined line, smooth and beautiful shape. The smaller glass bottle sits inside the larger one, allowing you to pour the oil and vinegar from the same bottle while keeping them separate. … Read more

Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

Glass Oil Bottles With Silicone Brush

The new glass oil bottle with silicone brush has a capacity of 180ml and a wide mouth for easy refilling. You can easily squeeze the olive oil. The empty glass oil bottle can fill oil, honey, sauces and so on. The silicone dropper measuring oil dispenser bottle can be widely used for kitchen cooking, frying, … Read more

Olive Oil Measuring Dispenser

Olive Oil Dispenser With Measuring

The olive oil measuring dispenser is made of high-quality food-grade lead-free glass and stainless steel sleeves. Stainless steel glass oil dispensers are more textured and sturdy. This olive oil bottle dispenser holds 650ml of oil, vinegar, and other sauces. The glass oil and vinegar dispensers for kitchen come in a two-layer design with a glass … Read more

Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

The glass oil dispenser for kitchen is a non-drip glass dispenser with a diamond shape. This glass olive oil bottle dispenser has a capacity of 200ml, this diamond glass dispenser can be used to pour oil, vinegar, sauces, honey, and more. The olive oil dispenser is made with high quality lead-free glass bottle, non-slip silicone … Read more

Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

The gourmet olive oil sprayer is the perfect kitchen tool for the home and has been used by chefs for years. Put olive oil in a glass spray bottle, you can use 100% olive oil. Glass bottle and stainless steel cap are reusable. The glass spray bottle has a capacity of 100Ml, which is small … Read more

유리 오일 병

유리 오일 병

Yafu Glass는 다양한 크기, 색상 및 유형의 다양한 유리 오일 병 및 유리 오일 디스펜서를 제공합니다. 그들은 주로 기름, 식초, 간장 및 기타 액체를 포장하는 데 사용됩니다. 오일 유리 병은 편안한 그립과 쉬운 그립을 위해 인체 공학적으로 설계되었습니다. 유리 오일 병 공급 업체 프리미엄 유리는 태양으로부터 오일을 보호하고 신선함을 유지합니다. 클래식한 유리 오일 병 디자인은 … Read more

Oil Dispenser Glass Bottle

Unique Olive Oil Dispenser

The Oil Dispenser Glass Bottle looks beautiful. Just cover the two squeeze holes, the dispenser will pour out the oil squeezed into the top reservoir. Previous Next Oil Glass Bottle with Pourer Model Number: YF-2020120910 Capacity: 250ml 500ml Color: colors+clear Shape: round Material: Glass Sealing Type: screw cap Contact Us The oil dispenser glass bottles … Read more

Glass Oil Bottle

Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles

Glass Oil Container is made of Lead-free glass materials, It’s our hot sales product. We have various sizes of bottles, 30ml 50ml 100ml. Previous Next Model Number: YF-2019100404zcl Capacity 30ml/50ml/100ml Shape: square/round Material: glass Color: Clear Sealing Type: Crown Cap Contact Us We could use screw aluminum caps with pour spout and shrink on the top. … Read more

Glass Oil Dispenser

Oil Glass Dispenser Bottles with Pourer and Measuring

Glass oil dispensers are a kitchen staple for dispensing liquid condiments like balsamic vinegar or soy sauce, helping you avoid over-seasoning. The 600ml capacity makes replenishing oil easy without the need for an extra funnel. Previous Next Glass Oil Dispenser with Lid Model Number: YF-2019123003zcl Capacity: 600ml Material: Glass Shape: round Color: Clear Accessories: lid Contact … Read more

Olive Oil Container

Green Olive Oil Glass Bottles

The olive oil container has a capacity of 250ml, 500ml and 750ml to choose from, the color is dark green, and the shape is square or round. Previous Next Olive Oil Container Dark Green Glass Bottles Capacity: 250ml/500ml/750ml Usage: Olive Oil Storage Color: Dark Green Shape: Square or Round Accessory: Lid Surface Handling: Frost Contact Us … Read more

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