Glass Wine Bottles

Yafu Glass offers glass wine bottles in different models and sizes. Glass bottles are a very historical packaging material. They are used to package beer, liquor, wine, red wine, and other beverages. Wine should be kept sealed, otherwise the wine will easily deteriorate. The sealing of the glass bottle is very good, which can effectively prevent the wine from deteriorating in contact with the outside air. The glass wine bottle can also prevent the volatilization of the wine in the bottle, ensuring the quality and quantity of the wine.

Glass Wine Bottles Advantages

  • Glass wine bottles have the advantages of good chemical stability, easy sealing, high transparency and smooth surface.
  • Glass wine bottles have high storage performance, are convenient for disinfection and sterilization, and are beautiful in shape and colorful in decoration. Whiskey glass bottle wholesale has a certain mechanical strength, which can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation.
  • The patterns of glass wine bottles all mark and record the history of wine. Not only is it beautiful and transparent, but the glass wine bottle can also withstand high temperatures, that is, it will not melt or deform in a high temperature environment. The surface of the glass bottle is smooth and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to change color and fade.
  • Glass wine bottles have good sealing and barrier properties, and have a good effect on avoiding the unique volatility of alcohol. While preventing the alcohol from volatilizing, it can also prevent the air from corroding the wine products, prevent the wine from going bad, and prolong its storage time.

Whiskey Decanter Supplier

Winemakers around the world are opting to use glass bottles to store their wine, which prevents the product from oxidizing. Yafu Glass offer unique wine decanters, including Skull Decanter, Crystal Decanter, Middle Finger Glass Decanter, Heart Shaped Wine Decanter, Leaf Shape Glass Decanter, Helmet Decanter.

Unique Wine Decanters

Creative glass wine bottles can not only store wine, whisky, brandy and other drinks. Glass is impermeable to carbon dioxide and oxygen, making glass bottles an inevitable choice for storing alcohol. Also, the glass wine bottles are able to keep the substance intact. If alcohol is stored in plastic bottles for a long time, the liquid can filter, which compromises the shelf life of the beverage and affects sales and safety.

  • Glass Skull and Finger Bottle: The gothic skull and middle finger design show a unique personality and are more ornamental and aesthetic than ordinary decanters. The stopper fits perfectly to the mouth of the bottle, ensuring that the liquid is stored tightly and keeping the wine at its best taste and smell.
  • Heart and Leaf Shape Glass Bottle: Glass decanters in the shape of hearts and leaves are innovative. This unique and elegant whisky decanter is clear, three-dimensional, delicate and elegant. Glass bottles with lids provide a good seal to prevent dust from entering and wine spilling.
  • Creative Helmet and Muscle Glass Bottle: The creative helmet and muscle design are made of high-grade clear crystal glass, which is lead-free, colorless and odorless, which is safer and more durable than ordinary glass wine bottles. It makes curves and edges sharper when empty glass bottles are filled. The excellent seal of the rubber stopper prevents alcohol evaporation and liquid leakage.
Heart Wine Decanter
Middle Finger Alcohol Decanter

History of Glass Wine Bottles

While beer has a very long history, it hasn’t been too long to put beer in a glass bottle.

  1. Around the middle of the 19th century. Initially, people even thought that glass was green. Later, the glass manufacturing process was advanced, and these impurities could be removed, but the cost was too high. It has been found that green wine bottles can delay the staleness of beer.
  2. At the end of the 19th century, people specially produced green glass bottles to hold beer.
  3. In the 1930s, people stumbled across beer in brown glass bottles that didn’t taste bad after a long time. Beer exposed to sunlight can produce a stink. The use of brown or some dark glass wine bottles can absorb most of the light, which can hinder the production of odors.
  4. After revealing the secret of green glass, people devoted themselves to eliminating green in glass and decolorizing glass. Colorless glass can also be made into colorful stained glass by adding various compounds.

Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale​​

We offer glass beer bottles in different colors, including Clear Beer Bottles, Amber Beer Bottles, Green Glass Bottle, Blue Glass Bottles. They have different shapes, they are also customized according to customer needs. We have a variety of colors and styles of glass bottles, giving people a lot of choice.

The rise of the food and beverage industry has increased the demand for alcohol, encouraging the development of the bottle and can glass market. The demand for glass wine bottles and jars has been positively impacted by breweries as it is ideal for brewers to store alcohol. The glass wine bottles are highly transparent, has strong light transmission, smooth texture, strong response to environmental colors, and has obvious highlights.

Glass Bottles For Wine Storage

Crystal Wine Bottles Factory Production

Exquisite and beautiful crystal wine bottles not only look crystal clear, but also have better quality than ordinary glass bottles, so they are deeply loved by consumers. So how are these crystal wine glass bottles produced?

  1. Slicing: sawing the whole piece of material at high speed to cut out the pressed embryo.
  2. Embossing: The finished product is made with a mold, and then the raw material is heated to a temperature above 900 °C to melt, flow into the mold, and die-cast.
  3. Rough polishing: The rough embryo extruded from the mold is directly ground into the finished product with a diamond disc.
  4. Fine polishing: After rough polishing, use polishing powder to grind the finished product until glass bottle is crystal clear.
  5. Punching: Before the finished crystal product is finished, punch holes according to its needs and process with drills, such as watch parts, pen holders, bottle holes, etc.
  6. Silkscreen: The crystal surface is attached with different pigments for effective treatment.
  7. Color plating: Using a method similar to electroplating, different colors are applied to the crystal glass surface, and the color plating is often located at the bottom.
  8. Engraving: strong three-dimensional sense, high craftsmanship, fine workmanship, and high cost. Divided into hand-carved graphics, machine-carved text.
  9. Sandblasting: The three-dimensional effect is weak, relatively flat, and there is no concave-convex feeling. After the machine engraves text, graphics, etc., the effect is processed.
  10. Laser engraving: computer-aided laser equipment is used to form three-dimensional patterns in crystal objects, and the artistic effect is good.

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