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Yafu Glass designs and produces essential oil bottles, specifications range: 5ml-200ml. Glass essential oil bottles come in many colors: color essential oil bottle, brown essential oil bottle, blue essential oil glass bottle, etc. The glass bottle for essential oils can also be customized according to customer needs.

Essential Oil Container Supplier

In order to meet the market demand for essential oil bottles, Yafu Glass are also constantly innovating. We offer various styles of Essential Oil Container, including Essential Oil Dropper, Essential Oil Spray Bottles, and Roller Ball Bottles

The size and shape of the essential oil bottle will depend on the specific needs and intended use. For example, small dropper essential oil bottles are mainly used in aromatherapy. Roll-on essential oil bottles are mainly used for skin care or massage.

Frosted Glass Essential Oil Dropper Bottles
Black Glass Roller Bottle

Types of Essential Oil Bottles

The essential oils bottle has a wide variety of packaging and unique shapes, which has become an indispensable part of women’s life. Glass bottles are the first choice for storing essential oils. The most common types of glass bottles for essential oils are amber, clear, and frosted.

  • Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles: Amber glass bottles are the most popular choice for storing essential oils. The dark amber color helps protect the oils from light, which can cause them to break down and lose their potency. The amber glass bottle also has a classic look and feel, making it a favorite among essential oil lovers.
  • Colored Glass Bottles for Essential Oils: Colored glass bottles are another popular option for storing essential oils. Stained glass bottles feature unique, eye-catching colors. They provide protection from light and help maintain the potency of essential oils.
  • Clear Essential Oil Bottles: Clear glass bottles have a minimalist look and are also ideal for displaying essential oils because their transparent nature allows you to see the color and clarity of the oil.
  • Frosted Glass Essential Oil Bottles: The frosted glass essential oil bottle has a unique, elegant look. Like clear glass bottles, they don’t offer the same level of light protection as amber, but they’re still a great option for storing essential oils.

Glass Essential Oil Bottles Manufacturer

Essential oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation, cold pressing, liposuction and solvent extraction, and have high concentrations of aromatic and volatile substances. As the extract of the essence, the essential oil was once rated as “liquid gold” for its high efficacy and natural effect, which gradually made people inseparable.

When buying essential oils, customers will first pay attention to the appearance of the Glass Bottle for Essential Oils. For some high-end essential oils, the appearance of the essential oil bottle will directly lead to the purchasing power of consumers. Yafu Glass has essential oil containers in stock, also provides OEM and ODM services.

Glass Essential Oil Bottles Manufacturer​
Glass Essential Oil Bottles Packaging

Essential Oil Glass Bottles Advantages​

With the increasing sales of essential oils, many brands of essential oils have appeared in front of us with different looks. Essential oils are highly volatile, so they must be stored in airtight glass bottles. Glass essential oil bottles have many advantages.

  1. Good Chemical Properties: Glass is non-reactive, which means it won’t interact with oils and change their chemical composition. This is especially important with essential oils because they are highly concentrated and very potent.
  2. Good Airtightness: The glass bottle is airtight to help keep the oil from oxidizing. Essential oils are sensitive to light and air, and exposure to either can cause them to break down and lose their potency. Glass bottles help extend the shelf life of essential oils by keeping them in a dark, cool, and dry environment.
  3. Environmental Friendly: The glass bottle is durable and reusable, eco-friendly. Glass bottles can be washed and reused multiple times, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

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