Glass Oil Bottles

Yafu Glass offers various glass oil bottles and glass oil dispensers in different sizes, colors, and types. They are mainly used to pack oil, vinegar, soy sauce and other liquids. The oil glass bottle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and easy grip. Our glass bottles are high quality and durable, so you don’t have to worry about changing bottles frequently. Buying glass oil bottles in bulk is usually less expensive than buying individual bottles, which can save you time and money.

Glass Oil Bottles and Dispensers Types

There are several different types of glass oil bottles and dispensers to choose from. The glass bottle with screw cap is uniquely designed for easy opening and closing. They’re also airtight, which helps keep the olive oil fresher for longer.

Glass Oil Bottles Type

  • Square glass bottles are a popular choice for many restaurants and cafes. Olive oil is stored in square glass jars because they are easy to store and stack. The square olive oil container also has a modern and sleek look that can add to the overall aesthetic of a restaurant.
  • Round glass bottles come in a variety of sizes and colors and are versatile enough to store a variety of oils. Use different shaped bottles to differentiate between different types of oils. This ensures you are using the correct oil for each dish.
Olive Oil Glass Bottle
Olive Oil Bottle With Spout

Glass Oil Dispensers Type

  • Glass bottles with spouts are one of the most popular types of glass oil bottles. This type of bottle has a narrow spout, so we can pour the oil directly into the cooking pot. The pour bottle is easy to use and gives good control over the amount of oil used.
  • Another popular type is glass oil bottle with pump dispenser. This type of dispenser has a pump mechanism that controls the amount of oil used by each pump. The pump dispensers for glass bottles are convenient and easy to use, but are more difficult to clean than pour bottles.
  • The glass bottle with sprayer can spray a fine mist of oil onto the surface of the food. The sprayer allows for more precise and finer control of the amount of oil used, especially for grilling. However, they can be harder to clean than other types of glass oil dispensers.
Measuring Olive Oil Dispenser
Glass Oil Spray Bottles

Benefits of Glass Oil Containers

  • Premium glass protects the oil from the sun and keeps it fresh. The classic glass oil bottle design makes it an attractive and bold oil bottle that enhances any table setting. Healthier than plastic for quick and easy cleaning.
  • The oil glass dispensers are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and easy grip. Make sure the refills are clean and convenient, while still allowing spices and herbs to pass through. Double sealing and leak-proof prevent dust from entering.
  • The biggest feature of glass oil bottles is that it will not hang oil. The angle position of the oil pot mouth ensures that the flow rate and flow are uniform and can be well controlled.

Oil Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is an oil glass bottle Manufacturer. We have glass bottles in stock, also provide OEM and ODM services. Adding logos or other branding elements to glass oil bottles can help create a unique and memorable look for your product.

The glass oil bottle is made of high quality glass. The material is hard, the product is not heavy, ultra-thin and lightweight, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. High borosilicate glass has an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, high-temperature resistance, and high safety. It does not contain heavy metals such as lead, separator, arsenic, etc., and is healthier.

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