Glass Water Bottles

Yafu Glass offers empty glass water bottles wholesale in different type, sizes and colors. Glass water bottles are made of high borosilicate glass, it can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 150°C. You can pour boiling or frozen water directly into it.

Benefits of Using Glass Water Bottles

  • The glass water bottle is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and more. This makes them a safer, healthier choice.
  • The glass bottles are non-porous and won’t absorb taste or odor, better preserving the taste and freshness of the water.
  • Glass water bottles are easier to clean than plastic bottles and can be washed with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
  • Glass water bottles are recyclable. By using glass water bottles, we can help reduce waste and conserve resources.

Glass Water Bottles Supplier

Glass water bottles have a smooth surface and removable cover make cleaning easy. Good chemical stability: super acid/alkali/waterproof. Low expansion high strength. We offer wholesale empty glass water bottles in different styles. We also provide custom service for glass water bottles. Whether adding company logo or personal information, we can create a unique glass bottle.

Borosilicate glass water bottle
Gradient Green Glass Water Bottle with Lid
  • Frosted Glass Water Bottle: Frosted Glass Water Bottle is made by surface treatment by mechanical frosting. Due to the rough surface of the frosted glass, the light can be diffusely reflected, so the overall appearance is not very transparent. The frosted glass is soft and not dazzling.
  • Glass Drinking Bottle With Straw: The glass water bottle with straw has a double snap design, which can be opened and closed independently whether drinking directly or through a straw. In addition to using a straw, you can also lift off the small plastic cover on the side. There is a small round mouth, you can drink straight. The small lid can prevent dust and liquid leakage, which is convenient and worry-free.
  • Gemstone Energy Water Bottle: The gemstone energy crystal water bottle has a removable natural crystal center for easy cleaning. Natural crystals are rich in minerals, which can provide trace minerals to the human body. The unique crystal water bottle can be used as a water structure device to rejuvenate people after exercise.
  • Glass Water Bottle With Time Markings: The glass drinking bottle with time maker features convenient hour markers. We can easily observe when we drink and how much water we drink on the clear glass water bottle. Glass water bottles are reusable and a great motivator for any fitness goal.
  • Glass Infuser Water Bottle: The Glass Infuser Water Bottle can not only be used as a container for serving tea, but the filter is also suitable for various fruit drinks. The stainless steel filter mesh is finely distributed, and the tea and water are separated quickly. It can also be used as a water bottle when the filter is removed.
Double Walled Tea Infuser Bottle
Glass Drinking Bottles With Straw

Glass Water Bottle Factory Production

  1. Raw material preprocessing: The bulk raw materials are pulverized, the wet raw materials are dried, and the iron-containing raw materials are subjected to iron removal treatment to ensure the quality of the glass.
  2. Melting: The glass batch is heated at a high temperature in a pool kiln or pool furnace to form a uniform, bubble-free liquid glass that meets the molding requirements.
  3. Forming: Put the liquid glass into the mold to make glass products of the required shape, such as flat plates, various utensils, etc.
  4. Heat treatment: Through annealing, quenching, and other processes, the stress, phase separation, or crystallization inside the glass is eliminated or generated, and the structural state of the glass is changed.

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