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Glass crockery is a commonly used packaging container for food. It has the advantages of crystal clear texture, clean and beautiful, and good sealing performance. There are various kinds of glass dinnerware, and there are also various colors. No matter what you choose, it should match the style of your home. For example, the simple style of the home is not suitable for the use of glass tableware with complicated flower decorations, and the rustic style is not suitable for the luxury version of the glass tableware.

Household Glassware Advantages

Glassware has an elegant look that will complement any table setting. Not only does glass crockery add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the dining experience, but it also has many advantages.

  • Variety of styles: Glass dinnerware also comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can easily find the perfect set for your needs. Plus, glassware is clear to showcase the color and texture of your food.
  • Easy to clean: Glass crokery is also easy to clean and maintain. Most glassware is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The glass is also non-porous, so it resists stains and odors. This means your glassware will stay looking new for a long time.
  • Multifunction: Glassware can be used for everything from casual family dinners to formal events. It is also a great choice for serving desserts, salads, and other dishes.
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Transparent Glass Crockery

Glass Crockery Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a glass tableware manufacturer. We have glass crockery in stock, and also provide OEM and ODM services. Glass tableware or coffee tables usually choose glass crockery, to bring out the bright and clean characteristics of glass. In addition, marble countertops are often matched with glass tableware, which will appear very transparent and clean.

Classification of Glass Materials

There are many kinds of glass materials, and there are only six most common ones in life: soda-lime glass, high borosilicate glass, temperature-resistant glass, glass-ceramic, crystal glass, and tempered glass. These glass materials have some unique properties.

Glass Tableware Sets
Best Glass Dinnerware Sets
  • Soda Lime Glass: In tableware, soda lime glass is mainly made of some daily glassware, such as wine glass cups, wine bottles, ordinary glass bowls, etc. The texture is hard and brittle, and the permeability is poor. It is a common glass material in glass crockery.
  • High Borosilicate Glass: High borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent corrosion resistance, and good thermal stability. Because it can withstand a drastic temperature difference of 200 degrees, it can be used to make glass turntables, heat-resistant teapots, and teacups for microwave ovens. , as well as heat-resistant fresh-keeping boxes, and glass lunch boxes.
  • Ceramic Glass: Glass-ceramic is also known as glass crystal, or ceramic glass. It is a synthetic glass with the dual properties of glass and ceramic. Compared with ceramics, glass-ceramic has higher brightness, stronger toughness than glass, no radiation, no water absorption, good compression resistance, good thermal stability, and high-temperature resistance. This glass material is generally used only for heat-resistant glass pots and lids, and can withstand extreme temperature differences of 400 degrees.
  • Crystal Glass: In addition to silica and boron trioxide necessary for glass formation, crystal glass also contains a large amount of lead oxide, which is also called artificial crystal. Its hardness is relatively brittle, the high-temperature viscosity is low, the softening temperature is small, the whole is crystal clear, and it is not suitable for high-temperature food, so it is generally used in the production of goblet or high end gift tableware.
  • Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is a type of glass with a higher level of safety. The strength, impact resistance, and bending resistance are 3 times that of ordinary glass. When damaged by an external force, the fragments will become honeycomb-shaped obtuse small particles, which are not easy to cause harm to the human body. Therefore, glass plates, glass cups, and glass bowls can be made of tempered glass.

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