50ml Empty Square Perfume Bottles

The empty square perfume bottles are made of high-quality thickened glass and have a capacity of 50ml. We have 4 colors to choose from transparent, blue, red and rose. Each empty glass perfume bottle comes with a gold square lid.

50ml Empty Square Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB31

Capacity: 50ml

Color: Clear, Blue, Red, Rose

Material: Glass

Shape: Square

Size: 4.9*8.3cm

Red Empty Glass Square Perfume Bottle
Blue Square Glass Perfume Bottle
Empty Square Glass Perfume Bottle for Sale

This square glass perfume bottle has a slip-shoulder design, and the thick glass texture makes the perfume bottle itself collectible. The golden lid is paired with different colored glass perfume bottles, giving it a luxurious and elegant look. The 50ml portable size glass bottle is very delicate and easy to carry and store.

Empty Square Perfume Bottles Wholesale
Square Glass Perfume Bottles Bulk

These empty square perfume bottles come with a fine mist sprayer and are ideal for storing liquids, such as perfume, essential oils, colognes and more. We can customize the colors, sizes and caps for perfume bottles.

Empty Square Perfume Bottles Features

Blue Square Perfume Bottle
Empty Square Glass Perfume Bottles
Empty Square Perfume Bottles with Caps
  • Square glass perfume bottles have good stability and barrier properties, and are non-toxic and odorless.
  • Empty glass perfume bottles are easy to clean and can be used to hold various liquids.
  • Colored glass bottles add an extra layer of appeal and sophistication to perfume packaging.

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