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The Benefits of Using Glass Milk Bottles

Using Glass Milk Bottles

The using glass milk bottles as the most traditional milk packaging has a grand appearance, high appearance, and high transparency. You can clearly see the quality and state of the milk, and the chemical composition of the glass is stable and will not cause secondary pollution. Most importantly, using glass milk bottles are environmentally friendly, … Read more

Heart Shaped Glass Candle Container

Heart Shaped Glass Candle Containers

The heart shaped glass candle container is made of high-quality glass material, which is strong, stable, and reliable. The smooth edges will keep your hands away from scratches easily. A heart style will add some romantic vibes and a splash of color. Empty heart glass containers are great for many occasions, you can use them … Read more

Glass Mason Jars With Lids

Best Glass Mason Jars With Lids

The glass mason jars with lids are threaded glass jars that are very airtight and can be used for food storage. The plastic lid adopts flip-top design. They’re made of high-quality food-grade heat-resistant borosilicate glass, lead-free, BPA-free, and durable. These mason jars with lids are best glass storage jars for dry food, nuts, cereals, candy, … Read more

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

Yafu Glass is a custom glass perfume bottles manufacturer. We have empty perfume glass bottles in various shapes, different colors and capacities. The common capacities of perfume glass bottles are 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. In the glass bottle production process, we will carry out the online management of the bottle container according to the capacity … Read more

Colored Glass Bottles

Colored Glass Bottles

Colored glass bottles are glass bottles that appear in different colors when colored colorants are added. Colored glass bottles absorb the sun’s visible light, reducing its intensity. Colored glass is the addition of colorant in ordinary glass, the amount of coloring dose, melting time and melting temperature will affect the firing color of different degrees. … Read more

Borosilicate Glass Bottle

Borosilicate Glass Bottle

The main components of Borosilicate Glass Bottle produced by the Yafu Glass Factory are SiO2, Al2O3, B2O3, and Na2O+K2O. Glass is a kind of molten, cooled, solidified non-crystalline inorganic matter. The high borosilicate glass bottle has transparent, hard, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and electrical and optical properties. Molten glass can be made into a … Read more

Difference between Milk in Glass Bottles and Carton

Milk in Glass Bottles

Milk in glass bottles is usually pasteurized. This method uses a low temperature (generally 60-82℃) and the food is heated for a specified period of time. Milk in a glass bottle can achieve the purpose of disinfection without damaging the quality of food. Carton milk is mostly sterilized at ultra-high temperatures. This is a method … Read more

Why are Pickles in Glass Jars?

Pickles in Glass Jars

Why are pickles in glass jars? Glass jars with sealed lids have very good chemical stability, easy sealing, and good air tightness. The transparent jar allows you to observe the pickle inside the glass jar from the outside. The glass jar has good storage performance and a smooth surface, which is convenient for disinfection and … Read more

Glass Bottle Packaging Supplier

Glass Oil Bottles Supplier

Yafu Glass is a large glass bottle packaging supplier, our glass bottle packaging container is a kind of transparent container made of molten glass material by blowing and molding. Glass bottle packaging suppliers can also have colorful colors, and reasonable color design can make the product packaging better for the use of the scene. We … Read more

Cosmetic Bottle Pump

Cosmetic Bottle Pump

Cosmetic bottle pump is widely used in the cosmetics industry, in the field of skin care and wash care, perfume has been applied. Such as shampoo, bath milk, skin lotion, essence, anti-lotion, BB cream, foundation, facial cleanser, hand soap and other products are used. We offer a wide range of spray pump heads and lotion … Read more

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