30ml 50ml Apple Shaped Perfume Bottle

The apple shaped perfume bottle has a flat crescent shape and is available in 30ml and 50ml capacities. The perfume bottle is made of high-quality transparent glass. The transparent bottle body is matched with a gold + silver bottle cap, making the perfume bottle look exquisite.

Apple Shaped Perfume Bottles

Model Number: YF-PGB26

Capacity: 30ml 50ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Apple Shape

Size: 5.6*8.6cm, 6.4*9.2cm

Women'S Perfume Apple Bottle
Perfume Bottle Shaped Like An Apple

The glass spray bottle has a crescent-shaped flat design and is small in size, making it easy to put in your pocket and convenient to carry. The elegant perfume fine mist atomizer uses an aluminum electrolytic nozzle to fully atomize the perfume.

The glass perfume bottle is reusable and has a very good sealing performance without leakage. They’re perfect for storing perfumes, lotions, makeup removers and more.

Apple Shaped Glass Perfume Bottle
Glass Apple Perfume Bottles

Apple Shaped Perfume Bottle Features

This apple-shaped perfume bottle is incomplete and has a bitten chip. It has a unique and fashionable shape. The apple shaped perfume bottle is easy to fill. The mouth of the bottle is large enough to make pouring perfume more convenient.

Our empty perfume bottles are made of high-quality heavy-duty glass with a thickened bottom, sturdy and shatter-proof. The multi-layer spiral design prevents liquid evaporation and leakage. The nozzle fits tightly and has a built-in thickened silicone gasket to ensure no leakage.

Clear Apple Perfume Glass Bottles
Clear Apple Perfume Bottles

The screw-top bottle mouth allows you to easily unscrew the perfume nozzle and pour the perfume into the bottle. The transparent bottle allows you to see the filling amount of the perfume. Compared with plastic bottles, glass perfume bottles have better sealing and will not change the fragrance.

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