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Vodka Glass Bottles

Glass Vodka Bottle

The vodka glass bottles feature a dimpled platform design for durability. The glass bottle comes with a T-shaped wooden lid to create an airtight environment and maintain the freshness of the liquor inside. The clear glass bottles hold 750ml of vodka. The vodka glass bottles have a round mouth with a small caliber and a … Read more

Flat Wine Bottle

Square Empty Glass Bottle

The flat wine bottle has a capacity of 100 ml. This food-grade glass wine bottle with lid is designed with thick walls and a thick bottom, making the glass wine bottle extremely durable. Each glass bottle has a gold screw top cap that screws onto each bottle securely, creating an airtight seal. The sealing of … Read more

Whiskey Glass Bottles Wholesale

Whiskey Glass Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottles manufacturer, we offer whiskey glass bottles wholesale in different sizes. This clear glass wine bottle has a flat shape with gracefully curved sides, rounded and comfortable to the touch. Our whiskey glass bottles wholesale comes in 4 different sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 450ml. This clear glass wine bottle … Read more

Red Wine Glass Bottles

Coloured Wine Bottles

The capacity of red wine glass bottles is 750ml, we offer glass wine bottles in different colors, such as Blue Glass Wine Bottle, Black Glass Wine Bottle, Green Glass Wine Bottle, Amber Wine Bottle, and Frosted Wine Bottle. This is the most common wine bottle, with a cylindrical body and high shoulders, and comes in … Read more

Swing Top Beer Bottles

Glass Swing Top Beer Bottles

The swing top beer bottles are made of thick and durable glass, they have the best resistance to shock and temperature changes. The flip cover consists of a stainless steel wire seal and polypropylene cover for excellent corrosion resistance. The swing top can safely store beer, beverages, and all other liquids in glass bottles. The … Read more

Vodka Glass Bottles for Sale to Korea

Vodka Glass Bottles for Sale to Korea

A few days ago, our 20,000 vodka glass bottles for sale to Korea were all produced. We inspect and pack each glass bottle to ensure that each vodka bottle meets customer requirements. This 750ml concave bottom vodka glass bottle is one of the more popular glass bottles. The thickened vodka glass bottles for sale are … Read more

Glass Beer Bottle

Amber Beer Bottles with Metal Caps

Glass beer bottle is made of durable thick amber glass. Durable glass wine bottles are built to last and can be reused for years. This brown glass bottle is perfect for whisky, soda, cider, kefir, vinegar, oil and more. Our amber glass beer bottles are available in 25oml, 330ml, 500ml, 650ml, and 1L. Brown glass … Read more

Glass Wine Bottle

Glass Wine Bottle

The Glass Wine Bottle is available in amber and green. Available in 500ml, 750ml and 1500ml. The empty wine glass bottles have small mouths, and the bottom of the wine bottle is recessed. Make wine look extra special in stylish glass bottles. Glass Wine Bottle Supplier We offer glass wine bottles in a variety of … Read more

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