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Lotion Bottles

Our glass lotion bottles are used to contain cosmetic and skin care products. Glass packaging can be processed in any color and customized printing as per your request.

Cosmetic lotion bottles are narrow-mouthed bottles for packaging lotions, essences, essential oils and other products with smaller volumes. Lotion glass bottles are generally matched with bottle caps and pump heads to better ensure the cleanliness of the product. The bottle body of the glass bottle can be frosted, sprayed or screen printed.

Glass Lotion Bottles Features

Glass material, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Press-type pump head, the output is even.

After the raw materials are melted at high temperature, cosmetic lotion glass bottles of different shapes can be produced.

The glass bottle is airtight and light-transmitting, allowing long-term storage of the product.

The manufacturing process is simple, the shape is free and changeable, the hardness is high, heat-resistant, clean, easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly.

Glass Lotion Pump Bottles
Square Frosted Glass Lotion Bottle

Why use glass bottles for skin care lotions?

Skin care product lotions are all chemical components, which are not easy to chemically react with glass. Moreover, glass bottles are easy to store. The transparency of glass bottles helps consumers to see cosmetics clearly, and it feels good!

The glass lotion bottle has a light-tight seal, which enables long-term storage of products that are highly sensitive to humidity. Glass bottles are easy to clean and reusable.

The selection of glass bottles is more consistent, with more shapes, rich processing techniques, and diversified collocations with bottle caps.

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