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We offer Glass Bottles for Skin Care and Beauty. These glass bottles are widely used in the cosmetics industry. Cosmetic packaging is the key to stimulating consumers to buy cosmetics. Our glass bottles cater to every skincare and beauty style. Available in different styles, colors, finishes and closures. The cosmetic bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. Common glass bottle shapes are cylindrical, oval, flat, diamond, conical, etc.

Glass bottles used in cosmetics for skin care beauty are mainly divided into: perfume bottles, cream jars, lotions bottles, essential oils bottles, and nail polish bottles…

Colored Glass Perfume Bottles
Perfume Bottles
Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils
Essential Oil Bottles
Black Glass Lotion Bottles
Lotion Bottles
Empty Glass Foundation Bottles with Pump
Foundation Bottles
Body Cream Glass Jars
Cream Jars
Glass Containers For Cosmetics
Cosmetic Bottle Set
Glass Diffuser Bottles
Diffuser Bottles
Glass Nail Polish Bottles
Nail Polish Bottles
Glass Lip Gloss Tubes
Lip Gloss Tubes

Advantages of Skin Care Beauty Glass Bottles

  • The composition of glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to produce chemical reactions with skin care beauty products. Packaging skin care products in glass bottles is not easy to spoil.
  • Glass bottles have a sense of luxury. Transparent glass bottles often convey a sense of luxury to consumers, and some transparent or colored skin care products look good.
  • Glass bottles are heavier and carry more weight in the hand.
  • Glass is resistant to high temperature and is more convenient and thorough than plastic bottles to sterilize.

Why do Cosmetics choose Glass Containers?

Cosmetic Glass Lotion Bottles
Glass Lotion Pump Bottles

Creams, lotions and fragrances are often packaged in glass bottles and glass containers for added aesthetic appeal. The use of container bottles is especially high in the cosmetic industry as it adds value to the product.

The eco-friendly properties of glass have been an ongoing selling point as buyers focus on sustainable options. Perfume is traditionally packaged in glass bottles. The focus on skin beauty and the demand for cosmetic products will encourage the sale of jar glass used to package various cosmetic products.

Cosmetic Glass Bottles Classification

Yafu Glass Bottles for Cosmetic Industry include Perfume Bottles, Glass Cream Jar, Empty Foundation Bottles, Essential Oil Bottles, Nail Polish Bottles, Lotion Pump Bottle, Glass Lip Gloss Tubes. Cosmetic glass bottles for skincare beauty are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles.

  • The solid paste is generally used in a wide-mouth bottle, which is suitable for distributing aluminum caps or plastic caps. The caps can be used for color spraying and other effects. 
  • Emulsions or liquid pastes generally use narrow-mouth bottles, which are suitable for use with pump heads.
Perfume Bottle Wholesale
Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer

Cosmetic Glass Bottles Supplier

With the diversification, personalization and technological advancement of consumers, cosmetic containers and packaging have become colorful in shape and material types in recent years. Glass cosmetic bottles have many shapes, rich processing techniques, and diversified combinations with caps.

Yafu cosmetic glass bottles and jars have certain properties and meet the following quality standards.

  • Glass Quality: pure and uniform, with no defects such as sand, streaks, bubbles, etc. The transparency of the colorless glass is high; the color of colored glass is uniform and stable, and it can absorb light energy of a certain wavelength.
  • Physical and Chemical Properties: The glass bottle has certain chemical stability and does not interact with the contents. It has certain shock resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand heating and cooling processes such as washing and sterilization, as well as withstand filling, storage, and transportation, and can remain intact when encountering general internal and external stress, vibration, and impact.
  • Molding Quality: maintain a certain capacity, weight, and shape, with uniform wall thickness and a smooth and flat mouth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing. There are no defects such as distortion, uneven surface, unevenness, or cracks.
  • OEM&ODM: We can custom the glass bottle shapes, common bottle shapes are cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, conical, etc. We also provide glass bottle post-processing services, including spraying, frosting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc.

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