50ml 100ml Hexagon Perfume Bottle

The hexagon perfume bottle is made from high-quality glass. The nozzle fits the bottle mouth tightly and will not break and leak. The glass spray bottle comes with a black hexagonal dust cap and is perfect for perfumes, essential oils, facial mists, and other liquids.

Hexagon Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB27

Capacity: 50ml 100ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Hexagonal

Size: 5.6*9, 5.8*10.8cm

Hexagonal Perfume Bottles
Hexagonal Perfume Bottle

Hexagon Perfume Bottle Features

  • The hexagon perfume bottle has a modern look. The minimalist glass packaging design allows the fragrance to take center stage, while still maintaining an air of sophistication. 
  • The empty perfume bottle thickened bottoms are sturdy and drop-resistant.
  • The glass bottle mouth is smooth and tightly sealed with the bottle cap, which is not easy to drip. The thickened bottle bottom is stable and not easy to pour.
  • The transparent glass hexagonal perfume bottles are equipped with an atomizing nozzle for uniform atomization and convenient use.
Transparent Hexagon Perfume Bottles
Transparent Hexagon Perfume Bottle

Custom Hexagon Perfume Bottle

Yafu Glass offers OEM and ODM services, we can custom hexagon glass perfume bottles in different sizes. We also provide customers with post-processing services, such as silk screen printing, decals, frosting, color spraying, and bronzing.

Premium glass bottles are refillable perfume bottles and we can safely use them for any blend. We provide various styles of glass perfume bottle caps. We have developed the perfect perfume cap, collar and pump to fit snugly on every glass perfume bottle.

Hexagon Glass Perfume Diffuser Bottles
Transparent Hexagon Perfume Diffuser Bottle

Hexagonal glass perfume bottles can also be used to create glass diffuser bottles. As a home decoration, glass reed diffuser bottles can bring fresh fragrance to the space.

Using a glass diffusion bottle for aromatherapy also has a variety of health and safety benefits. Glass bottle does not contain any micropores that can harbor bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. This feature makes glass diffusion bottles more hygienic and safer than plastic.

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