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Flat Glass Bottles Wholesale

Flat Glass Bottles Wholesale

We wholesale flat glass bottles in multiple sizes, which are multifunctional and reusable. These empty glass bottles with lids are perfect for coffee, juice, wine, tea, water, milk, and more. The clear glass surface provides enough space to attach labels and create a unique appearance. These flat glass beverage bottles with lids are portable. The … Read more

Glass Jars With Acacia Lids

Creative Glass Storage Jars

The glass jars with acacia lids are made of food-grade borosilicate glass, lead-free and non-toxic. The lid is made of natural acacia wood, giving it a modern and natural look. The Acacia lid is designed with a silicone ring that creates an airtight moisture-proof seal, keeping the contents of the jar fresher longer. These glass … Read more

Borosilicate Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

Borosilicate Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

These borosilicate glass jars with bamboo lids come in 3 sizes with capacities of 500ml, 750ml, and 1100ml. Glass storage jars of different sizes can meet different storage needs, bringing convenience to kitchen storage and saving space. The rounded bottom arc design of the glass jar makes the storage bottle more tasteful. Food storage containers … Read more

Glass Iced Coffee Cup With Straw

Glass Iced Coffee Cups With Straw

The glass iced coffee cup with straw has a unique star appearance design, which is elegant and charming. The classic transparent water cup is eye-catching and can bring people a wonderful visual experience. These stylish drinking glasses are not only functional but also a stylish decorative element. This glass iced coffee cup with straw has … Read more

Empty Colored Wine Bottles

Amber Glass Wine Bottles

Empty colored wine bottles are made of food-grade glass, and each glass bottle is of high quality, safe and healthy. The colored glass wine bottles wholesale has a variety of colors, transparent, brown, blue, green, or matte color, we have 185ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml in stock. Our empty colored wine bottles have a … Read more

Glass Jar Set for Kitchen

Glass Jar Set for Kitchen

Glass Jar Set for Kitchen is the best kitchenware that stored their home canned goods or other foods. This Glass Jar Set for Kitchen Storage is composed of 12 150ml transparent high borosilicate jars. The lid is composed of a bamboo lid + a sealing ring. Good sealing makes the stored objects dry and clean. … Read more

Glass Pickle Jars Wholesale

Glass Pickle Jars Wholesale

Glass pickle jars wholesale are a popular choice in the kitchen because they are cheap and eco-friendly. Clear glass jars provide a visually appealing way to display vibrant vegetables, while glass containers with airtight lids retain their nutritional value and flavor. Yafu glass pickle jars wholesale come in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether … Read more

Glass Milk Bottles With Lids

Glass Milk Bottles With Lids Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a reputable wholesale supplier of glass milk bottles with lids. We offer a variety of bottle sizes and designs to suit every business need. Our milk bottles are made of high quality glass and come with a variety of lids, the glass milk bottles with lids provide a tight seal to preserve … Read more

Mini Glass Water Bottles

Mini Glass Water Bottles

The mini glass water bottles are lightweight and portable, perfect for people on the go. The wide-mouth glass water bottle can hold 260ml of milk. The glass water bottle has a scale, we can clearly see the capacity of drinking water.  Model Number: YF-GWB015 Capacity: 260ml Material: Glass Size: 7.5*11cm Lid Color: White, Pink, Green … Read more

Best Glass Jars for Kitchen Storage

Apothecary Glass Jars

The best glass jars for kitchen storage are airtight and they keep ingredients fresh for a long time. The clear glass bottle allows easy viewing of stored items. They help keep your pantry clean and organized. Glass jars are reusable and durable, making them a sustainable option for the pantry. The best glass jars for … Read more

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