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Frosted Glass Jars With Lids

Frosted Glass Jar With Lid

The frosted glass jars with lids use high-quality food-grade borosilicate glass and eco-friendly bamboo wood lids. Our glass jars are beautiful, lead-free, and available in a variety of shapes. Glass containers with bamboo lids can store different spices, tea, coffee, beans, sweets, nuts, herbs and more. Glass jars with bamboo lids are available in 5 … Read more

Glass Storage Jars With Clamp Lids

Glass Storage Airtight Jars

The glass storage jars with clamp lids are made of high quality borosilicate glass. We have clear glass jars in a variety of capacities, glass storage jars with bamboo lids are perfect for storing coffee beans, pasta, grains, beans, rice, nuts and more. The glass jar is equipped with a bamboo lid with a silicone … Read more

Red Wine Glass Bottles

Coloured Wine Bottles

The capacity of red wine glass bottles is 750ml, we offer glass wine bottles in different colors, such as Blue Glass Wine Bottle, Black Glass Wine Bottle, Green Glass Wine Bottle, Amber Wine Bottle, and Frosted Wine Bottle. This is the most common wine bottle, with a cylindrical body and high shoulders, and comes in … Read more

Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

Glass Oil Bottles With Silicone Brush

The new glass oil bottle with silicone brush has a capacity of 180ml and a wide mouth for easy refilling. You can easily squeeze the olive oil. The empty glass oil bottle can fill oil, honey, sauces and so on. The silicone dropper measuring oil dispenser bottle can be widely used for kitchen cooking, frying, … Read more

Olive Oil Measuring Dispenser

Olive Oil Dispenser With Measuring

The olive oil measuring dispenser is made of high-quality food-grade lead-free glass and stainless steel sleeves. Stainless steel glass oil dispensers are more textured and sturdy. This olive oil bottle dispenser holds 650ml of oil, vinegar, and other sauces. The glass oil and vinegar dispensers for kitchen come in a two-layer design with a glass … Read more

Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

The glass oil dispenser for kitchen is a non-drip glass dispenser with a diamond shape. This glass olive oil bottle dispenser has a capacity of 200ml, this diamond glass dispenser can be used to pour oil, vinegar, sauces, honey, and more. The olive oil dispenser is made with high quality lead-free glass bottle, non-slip silicone … Read more

Best Glass Jars For Food Storage

Best Glass Jars For Food Storage

The best glass jars for food storage feature creative square clear glass, all four sides are an isosceles trapezoid. The bottom of the clear glass jar is square in a larger size, and the round top is just sealed with a bamboo wood lid. For the square clear glass jars for food storage, we have … Read more

Glass Jars With Wooden Lids

Clear Glass Jars With Wooden Lids

The glass jars with wooden lids are made of food-grade borosilicate glass, non-toxic and lead-free. The wooden cover is made of high quality real acacia wood with a silicone seal. Glass storage jars with wooden lids create an airtight environment to keep contents dry. This glass jar with wooden lid is available in 4 different … Read more

Glass Pumpkin Jar With Lid

Glass Pumpkin Jars Wholesale

This food storage jar is a clear glass pumpkin jar with lid. Pumpkin glass jars have a clean curved striped look that refracts the color of objects inside. They can store loose items and keep the space clean, great for storing coffee beans, grains, flour, spices, candy, cookies, nuts, tea, honey, jams, powders and some … Read more

Gemstone Energy Bottle

Gemstone Energy Water Bottles

The gemstone energy bottle is made of borosilicate glass, suitable for hot or cold drinks, and easy to clean. The crystal energy water bottle contains a detachable natural crystal center and lid. This crystal energy water bottle has a capacity of 530ml, and both ends of the glass water bottle can be opened. The stainless … Read more

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