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Teardrop Glass Vase

The Teardrop Glass Vase is thicker and stronger than ordinary vases. Bulb vases have an elegant look and are perfect for displaying a single flower or mixing different stems.

Teardrop Glass Vase

Model Number: YF-GV004

Material: Glass

Shape: Drop Shape

Color: brown, yellow, amber, grey

Size: 10*13cm

Teardrop Glass Vase Supplier

These teardrop glass bud vases wholesale are available in 4 colors: brown, yellow, amber, and smoke grey.

The teardrop glass bud vase is made of high-quality glass, elegant and stable. The hand-blown high-quality bud vase is perfect for every flower.

Glass Bud Vases Wholesale

The water drop glass bud vase is opened by hand, and the edge of the bottle mouth is full, which is not easy to hurt hands.

The bud glass vase has a smooth feel and a rounded bottle, which makes people love it.

The tear drop glass vase is forged with a thick base and hand-polished. The ice crystal thick bottom is placed stably, and the flower arrangement is not easy to fall.

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