Cat Paw Glass Cup

Cat paw glass cup is a 260ml cute glass milk mug. The glass mug adopts frosted glass. The shape is a chubby cat paw, and the bottom of the cup is printed with a kitten’s paw. This lovely pyrex glass mug is great for coffee, milk, espresso, lattes, and a variety of beverages.

Cat Paw Glass Mugs

Model Number: YF-GC007

Capacity: 260ml

Color: color

Material: Frosted Glass

Shape: Cat Paw

Cat Paw Glass Set
Glass Paw Cups

The cute cat paw glass mug comes in three patterns. The exquisite footprint pattern makes the glass cup vivid and lovely.

Cat Paw Glass Cup Features

Paw Glass Cups
Glass Cat Paw Cup

  • The glass mouth is smooth and rounded with a cut micro-rolled edge.
  • The cute glass paw cup has a frosted texture, a cute shape, and soft lines.
  • The drinking glass cup bottom has a footprint pattern sole. A large cat footprint makes the cup even more vivid.
  • The bottom of the cat claw glass is made of irregular thick glass, which is durable and stable.

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