Glass Bud Vase

The glass bud vase has a small waist and a wide bottom, which is simple and elegant. Thick glass walls and a weighted base ensure durability. Round bud vases are suitable for displaying a fully bloomed flower, as the neck is narrow enough to hold just one flower.

Crystal Bud Vases

Model Number: YF-GV002

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Color: Clear

Size: 10*20cm

Clear Bud Vase
Crystal Bud Vase

We have many styles of glass bud vases, including color bud vases, crystal bud vases, and slanted glass vases. Crystal Bud vases are perfect for home, office and dining room decor, small flower arrangements, dinner parties, weddings and other events.

Wholesale Bud Vases
Glass Bud Vase

Glass Bud Vase Features

  • The glass vase has no sharp corners, bubbles and wrinkles, safe and beautiful.
  • Thickened sides and bottom make the vase more elegant and stable.

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