Ocean Glass Vase

The ocean glass vase adopts a round bottle body design, which makes the vase look smooth and simple. Colored glass vases are more decorative than clear glass vases and can bring a unique and elegant sense of style. Ocean glass vases can be paired with greenery or flowers in different lengths and styles, they create vibrant colors for the perfect home decor finish.

Blue Glass Vases

Model Number: YF-GV015

Material: Glass

Color: Blue

Shape: Round

Size: caliber*height 9*21cm, 10*34cm, 10*28cm

Big Round Glass Vases
Ocean Blue Glass Vases

The ocean glass vase comes in three different shapes, and the soft lines and quicksand pattern are unique to each vase. The exquisite and detailed neck makes the glass vase more beautiful, large bottle mouth design can hold more flowers. 

Ocean Glass Vase Features

Blue Glass Vase Decor
Blue Glass Flower Vases
  • The mouth of the ocean blue glass vase is round and smooth, polished meticulously, making the shape restrained and flexible.
  • The thickened design of the round bottom makes the vase more beautiful and stable, meeting various decoration styles.
  • This unique design blue ocean glass vase is perfect for bouquet flower arrangements, sprig roses, orchids.
  • This set of cylindrical ocean glass vases is a beautiful addition to your living room, office, or dining table centerpiece.
  • Stylish and exquisite blue glass vase as a modern decoration, perfect for room, office, cafe, bar, etc.

Home Decor Glass Vases Supplier

Ocean Glass Vases
Ocean Blue Glass Vase Decor

Yafu Glass is a glass vase manufacturer, we offer wholesale ocean glass vases in different shapes and colors. Our glass vases are hand blown in design. As a characteristic of the art of hand-blown glass vases, the small air bubbles are evenly distributed.

The glass vase is handmade, and the thick glass design at the bottom prevents the vase from tipping over. A beautiful glass vase adds a touch of color to the decor of the space. Flowers matched with a unique vase will make for the most attractive display.

These beautiful decorative glass vases would make a great gift idea for Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Years. They can surprise your family or friends, and can add fun and monotonous decoration to your home space.

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